5 Great Cities to Explore Solo


Traveling solo is an excellent way to see the world in your own way, learn so many things and make memories of lifetime. If you love solo travel and are interested to explore some of the greatest cities on earth, consider the following 5 great cities as they are simply the perfect destinations for solo travel:


Athens is a city that boasts of a great number of iconic monuments, quality museums, and fresco dining and lively cafes. It is surely one of the richest cities on earth in terms of historical significance. The magnificent ancient Acropolis of this great city rises above the sprawling metropolis and has stood witness to many transformations of the city. But don’t think that a holiday in Athens is going back in time, because the modern Athens has a great blend of ancient and modern charms. You can find plenty of stylish restaurants, hotels and shops and entertainment quarters and artsy industrial neighborhoods such as Gazi, show modern face of Athens. Traveling solo, you can explore the most popular attractions of this great city and experience its culture and cuisines.


London is a noisy, vibrant city where history and tradition greet you at every turn. It is a city full of limitless number of iconic attractions including the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, and so on. You can find hundreds of wonderful museums around this great city. People visit London to sample its tea and scones or cutting-edge cuisine in its modern restaurants, to take in theater and trendy shops, to stop by hot galleries and most importantly glimpse the royals. Traveling solo through this wonderful city, you can spend some of the most memorable days of your life.


Rome is one of the most visited cities on earth and surely a perfect destination for solo travel. The vibrant capital of Italy lives in the present but no other city in the world evokes its past as powerfully as Rome. The common citizens, artists, popes, and emperors of this great city left their mark here for over 2,500 years. Traveling solo in Rome, you can expect to explore all its wonderful monuments and attractions, such as the coliseum – best experienced by a private underground tour. Feel the sense of art in everything and taste some delectable Italian cuisines.


Paris is regarded as the fashion capital of the world. It is dubbed as “the City of Light” and “the City Of Love” as it has limitless number of wonderful things to do for a solo traveler. Travelling solo in Paris, you can explore the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, fantastic nightlife and many other world class attractions that the city boasts of.


Istanbul is the only city on earth that claims to straddle in two different continents. Once known as Constantinople, which was the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has plenty of wonderful architectural beauties with great historical significance. It has a great culture and wonderful locals.

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