5 Killer Smartphone Apps For the Young Traveler


In these modern times, travel has gotten easier than it ever has before. Flights have never been as cheap when the prices of yesteryear are adjusted for inflation. The internet allows one to pre-book accommodations in more than 100 countries instead of skulking around in the dark searching for a roach motel with vacancy at midnight.  Even calling home has vastly improved – virtually free through Skype and with a video feed that gives comfort to nervous parentals.

So it is natural to wonder: what apps could I download to my smartphone that will make my life easier before heading off to a far off exotic land? To your benefit, we have done the research and have come up with 5 killer smartphone apps that will make a trip to a foreign land much smoother.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1) Word Lens

This app is truly remarkable.  All you do here is point your phone at a sign written in a foreign language or script, and using optical recognition, it will take the text and translate into your mother tongue.  The days of wandering the back sois of Bangkok in a cloud of effective illiteracy are now over!

2) XE Currency

Given that there are hundreds of currencies worldwide, it is easy for unscrupulous money changers all over the world to charge you a wildly unfair exchange rate, robbing you of your hard-earned cash.  Fight back against these shysters with the XE currency app, which uses exchange rates that are updated in real time to tell you just how big a spread to which your cash peddler is helping themselves.

3) Smart Traveler

Authored by the hyper vigilant US Department of State, this app will keep you abreast of just about every event or occurrence that could potentially visit harm upon you.  It not only keeps you posted on travel alerts, but it also provides a background into a nation’s customs, back history and other info that will keep you out of trouble during your wanderings about the globe.

4) Trail Wallet

Ever wonder how it is possible for some travelers to run short of funds well before their scheduled flight home?  It’s likely because when one buys countless rounds for others at the bar, goes out for expensive western food for every meal and stay in 3+ star hotels every night, money tends to disappear from your bank account much faster than you ever envisioned it.

By using the travel budget app Trail Wallet, you can keep your spending between the lines by seeing where exactly your travel funds are going, and thus enforce discipline upon yourself in the appropriate areas!

5) SitOrSquat

Ever go out sightseeing in an unfamiliar city, drink multiple Cokes/waters/beers, and then panic when you can’t find a loo where you can relieve yourself in peace?  Well, those days are over my friend, as SitorSquat is an app that maintains a directory of available bathrooms in many cities across the globe, so not only can you find a place to whizz, you can find a posh place to do it in!  Also, if you find a place that isn’t listed that is truly awesome/abysmal, you can out it by adding it to the list.  Science!

Smartphones: Your Travel Intelligence Device

Apps have been the software development, that when combined with the portability of a cell phone, has changed our world immeasurably for the better.  By downloading the above apps, you will allow yourself to become a smarter and more efficient traveler!

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