5 Less Common Reasons to Visit Thailand


From breath-taking beaches in Phuket to Bangkok’s incredible temples, Thailand certainly isn’t short of fantastic sights to attract tourists. But while the country is a great destination for wealthy holidaymakers seeking luxurious spa breaks, one of the best ways to experience The Land of Smiles is on a backpacker holiday.

To really make the most of your time in Thailand and experience a taste of the country’s culture and everyday life, head off the beaten track with our pick of five less common reasons to visit Thailand.

It’s Even Cheaper Than You Think

Thailand has always had a reputation for being inexpensive, but after political unrest a few years ago led to a drop in tourism, the tourism industry still hasn’t managed to pick itself up, despite the these issues being resolved. This is great for travellers though, with lower prices and better hospitality than ever before. Travelling to Thailand will not only save you a whole heap of cash, it will help give the Thai economy a boost and put many people back into employment.


Many people think of serene beaches and wild parties when they think of Thailand, but there’s a completely different side to this diverse country for those searching for thrills and adventure. Intrepid explorers will love trekking through Thailand’s jungles while those looking for something a little less strenuous can enjoy the experience of a lifetime meditating with Buddhist monks.


Phuket’s southern islands are renowned for their incredible beaches, but not many travellers know about their equally as amazing diving opportunities. The crystal clear waters there really are a paradise for divers and snorkelers. If you don’t have any experience, there are plenty of inexpensive classes available to teach you the basics.

It’s the Gateway to the Rest of Asia

There’s plenty to discover in Thailand so it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself bored there, but once you’ve taken advantage of everything on offer there, it would be a shame not to use the country’s great location to explore even more of the continent.

Visiting Thailand is really easy, especially in comparison to its neighbouring countries. Direct flights to the likes of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia from the West are often expensive (if they’re even available at all), so it’s much easier to fly into Thailand and find alternative ways to cross the border. You’ll also find that flights from Thailand to China, Nepal and India are very reasonably priced too. Just don’t forget to check the visa requirements if you’re thinking of travelling to another country.

Volunteer Holidays

Since it gave its nature-based tourism industry a bit of a makeover recently, Thailand has really been focusing on promoting its opportunities for activities such as camping, trekking, kayaking, bird watching, bird watching and paying visits to some of the country’s hillside tribes. If you’re interested in a volunteering holiday there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in Thai culture and nature on an eco-friendly adventure. There are also many areas in the country’s North East that allow travellers to stay in village homesteads and get a taste for everyday life and learn about the unique culture.

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