5 Tips to Make Your Long-Distance Travel Easier and Safer

If you’re planning to go far away from home, all you need to do is to plan ahead. It is essential to put some things in place before you travel to ensure a safe and easy trip. Taking a long trip or travelling long distance and need to plan? Here are five tips on how to practically prepare, keep yourself safe and have fun.

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1. Have a rough plan

Make your trip easier by planning your itinerary in advance. Knowing your timings and your itinerary, however vague, are a great start to make your travel easier. You won’t be spending so much of your time planning instead of enjoying yourself whilst on the road. Whether you make the plans yourself or if you are relying on a tour operator or travel agent. Make sure you know what you are doing before you set off. If you are travelling long distance from one place to the next, work out how you will be getting from the airport or station to your final destination. Planning your travel in advance, considering what luggage you are bringing with you, is essential for a smooth transition to your destination. 

If you are travelling more long term, then you should plan how long you are staying at each place and book some or all of your accommodation in advance. Knowing where you have to be when will take out some of the stress of travelling for a long time and give you more free time to enjoy each destination. If you are travelling alone it’s a good idea to let someone know where you will be or give a copy of your itinerary to a friend or family member. 

2. Pack right!

Whether you are taking just one long distance trip, or travelling long term from place to place, you need to get your packing right. Having the right luggage for your journey and packing that correctly will make your life so much easier. Check you have the right luggage set for you, whether that’s hard suitcases to keep everything safe or lighter fabric to reduce the weight. It also depends on what type of trip you are taking. Suitcases or backpacks can both be the best choice for different types of trips, so you should consider what you need and do research before you choose. Here are some of the best luggage sets you can choose from.  

When packing your hand luggage make sure that you have everything you need to hand for your flight, but also follow your airlines guidelines too. To pack smarter in all of your luggage a great tip is to use packing cubes. You can compartmentalise your luggage and keep items safe, clean and dry within your main case or backpack. Plus, you can keep your electronic chargers and the like in one place making it less likely to lose them and easier to find when you need them. 

3. Look after your essentials 

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What are the most important things you are bringing with you? Your passport and travel documents are of course, the items you need to look after the most. As well as any other valuables such as electronics. You should also keep any medication you need safe and to hand at all times. Passports need to be well looked after as it can be a pain and expensive to get a replacement whilst you are abroad. If you have a safe in your room and you are staying in a trusted establishment then use it. Don’t leave valuable items lying around in your accommodation or easily visible. When carrying important items with you make sure you keep them away secure in your bag or backpack. Don’t leave them on top where someone could pickpocket or stealthily take them from you.

You should also watch out for common scams for the place that you are visiting. Read up before you go and find out which areas to avoid and the type of scams that are popular at the moment. For example, there are some places where pickpockets are rife, or there are street seller ticket scams who will sell fake tickets or much overpriced. 

4. Take care of your health

Before travelling long distances, you should check the health advice for the place or places you are visiting. Do you need vaccinations before you go and are all your regular vaccinations up to date? Making sure you are healthy and have all the shots you need before you go will help keep you happy and healthy whilst travelling. Ensure you have any regular medication you need, including some extras just in case you are delayed or end up being away for longer than you initially intended.  Keep a basic first aid kit and sickness or allergy medications that you may need. 

Look after yourself whilst you are away too. Enjoy yourself but don’t take unnecessary risks that may result in injury or harm. Take care to avoid bites especially in disease prone areas and treat any bites or scrapes quickly to prevent infection. Travel insurance is essential in case the worst should happen. Check the policies and choose the right cover to suit you. Remembering some insurance companies will require you to make the initial pay out and claim the amount back from them.  

5. Be open minded


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When you travel to far flung destinations you will often find completely different cultures than you are used to. This is where travelling with an open mind is really important to fully experience and understand the new places you are exploring. Food and customs may be wildly different to what you expect at home, but this is all part of the fun. Travelling is about trying and seeing new things so see it as an adventure rather than a problem.

Learning about the culture and customs before you go is a good idea. It will give you some insight on what to expect and how to react. Language barriers are another common issue when travelling long distance. If you can, take the time to learn some key phrases in the local language. Other helpful language learning tools include apps such as translators or menu readers are great. Especially so you know what you are ordering in a restaurant!

Remember to enjoy yourself!

The reason you travel is to explore, discover and have a good time so make sure you enjoy yourself whilst you are away. There may be times that you need to plan and take care, but this shouldn’t take away from your fun. Planning ahead and putting things in place means you have more time to spend having a good time. Travelling safer and easier means more time to make the most of your holiday and really experience the destination or multiple destinations you are visiting.

Are you planning long distance travel? 

How do you feel about long-distance travel? If you are planning a trip, hopefully these tips have made you more confident about travelling safer and easier. Remembering to plan ahead, be safe and of course enjoy yourself will mean you’ll have a fabulous and memorable trip. 


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