A Young Traveler’s Dream: Is It Possible To Live Large In The Maldives?


When you’re thinking of getting away from all your cares and the cold weather present at home, you typically book a holiday to Tenerife, Thailand and the like and think little else of it.  While there is nothing wrong with these destinations and other common ones, I have to ask you one question, dear reader: have you ever thought about booking some luxury Maldives holidays this year?

While the price is definitely higher, I challenge you to spend an hour flipping through pictures of impossibly blue water, overwater bungalows, and visions of sinful luxury, and then turn around and tell me you don’t want it.  If you can save for a year-long backpacking trip around the world, you can save for a week of unimaginable indulgence in the Maldives.

Last I checked, you’re still gonna die someday, so you might as well see what luxury that providers like Elegant Resorts can spoil you with instead of depriving yourself and being left to wonder how the 1% lives.  If you’re ready to board a plane to the world’s most perfect tropical island chain now, then let’s discuss what you need to know and what you should expect on a trip to the Maldives.

Leave the pregame bottle of booze at home

While you may want to take your favourite wine or whiskey with you to enjoy on the deliciously beautiful beaches of the Maldives, the fact of the matter is that this place is a majority Muslim nation.  While they had the business sense to allow foreigners to consume, they have heavily restricted the import of alcohol to “protect” the locals.  Suffice to say, if you bring in your own, it will be confiscated.  They return it to you when you leave, but as a result of this, it makes absolutely no sense to bring your own booze here.  There is more than enough hooch at your resort to satisfy your thirst, rest assured.

A world of vibrant colour awaits just off your bungalow porch

While you may have gone snorkeling on past beach adventures and have seen mostly dead coral, along with maybe a handful of white and blue fish, the Maldives is truly in a class of its own. Schools of fish seemingly representing every shade of the rainbow will be commonplace, as will encounters with other marine life like sea turtles and manta rays.

Live like royalty for a week

Drink some of the choicest wines and spirits, as well as beers from around the world, while you frolic in your delightfully designed infinity pool.  Chew every bite of your tender main course meal as slowly as possible to enjoy the symphony of flavours in your mouth, enhanced by the colours of the setting tropical sun. Sink into a cloud-like mattress with silky sheets, as a gentle ocean breeze caresses your face, and as the sounds of a gentle ocean lull you to sleep.

This doesn’t have to be a dream

Have you dreamt of the above, only to awake in your cold, more spartan bedroom back in the real world?  While luxury experiences like one described above cost money, they are far from unattainable. Out of all people, you have the iron clad discipline to save for travel that others lack.  If you can do that for a 3 month trek through Southeast Asia, you can save the same amount for a week of unimaginable luxury in the Maldives.  Do it.  You know you want to.

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