A young traveler’s guide to Toledo Spain

photo by CC user DAVID ILIFF. on wikimedia License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Many travelers begin their time in Spain by exploring Madrid, which is the political and cultural capital of the country. Where does one go after that?

While it may be tempting to just to jump on a train or bus and head to the coast, make time to discover some this country’s more charming small cities. Using this guide to Toledo Spain, you’ll find out that this nation has so much complexity lurking beneath its surface.

STAY: Oasis Hostel Toledo

While hosteling options are comparatively few versus other destinations in Spain, it nonetheless cannot be argued that Oasis Hostel Toledo is the finest of the lot. Starting from $18 USD for a dorm bed, you’ll get a clean and tastefully decorated home base that comes with an energetic bar in the common area, plush mattresses and a high-pressure hot showers in the rooms, and a central location that makes exploring Toledo a breeze.

DO: Explore Toledo’s medieval-era streets aimlessly

Perhaps one of the reasons that Toledo does not rank as high on traveler’s wish lists is its lack of a central tourist attraction that acts to draw in people by the plane and bus load. Because of this, this city (which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986) has retained a charm that eluded many of its more popular cousins throughout Spain and Europe, allowing travelers to walk through its many cobblestoned laneways without being besieged by the fanny-pack brigade.

Be sure not to miss Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo, which contains reliefs composed of gold plating, as well as numerous interesting and intriguing art works. Don’t worry about getting lost: this town takes only 45 minutes to walk across at its widest point, and if you ever lose your sense of direction, just head uphill and you will eventually end up at Plaza de Zocodover, which is the iconic central square. Most accommodations are located a short distance away, which makes this landmark good way point.

DRINK: Sala Pícaro

After a long day of discovering the many hidden historical delights of Toledo, reward yourself for your pioneering spirit by heading out for a few slugs of sangria. Of all the hip pubs and clubs in Toledo, Sala Picaro does the best at being a smartly designed space without having an overly pretentious air about it.

With a constant revolving door of Spain’s best live bands coming through this place on the weekends, ample room to bust a move on DJ nights, and creative bartenders that can sling drinks outside of a rum and coke (we recommend one of their delicious coffee cocktails), this is a spot you will have to go back to more than once during your time here.

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