Amazing Excursions for a Mauritius Holiday

Although it may be small, the island of Mauritius is an incredible tourism destination in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Boasting a fascinating history, a warm climate and no shortage of breathtakingly beautiful beaches, it is easy to see why so many visitors from around the world plan their holidays on Mauritius.

While most people think of it simply as a place to relax on the beach and soak up the sun, there is a lot more to this island destination that just sun, sea and sand. There are a number of amazing excursions that can help the island come alive to visitors from the United Kingdom. Here are some of the top excursions that are perfect for a holiday in Mauritius.

Seek Out Adventure at the Casela Nature & Leisure Park
If a few days of relaxing on the sandy beaches begins to feel monotonous, nothing will delight travellers more than a trip to this incredible park. Although there are playgrounds and activities for younger children, it is those over the age of 10 that will undoubtedly have the most fun with the major attractions. A zipline circuit, which includes nearly a dozen different runs, sails over bridges, canyons and lush forest, giving visitors some of the best aerial views of the island. Those who are still searching for thrills can walk through the big cat habitats, which allows guests the opportunity to see and even touch lions, tigers and cheetahs. This is an experience that visitors to Mauritius won’t ever be able to forget.

Swim With the Dolphins in Tamarin
On the west coast of the island, the area of Tamarin is a popular place for boat tours to depart. Although the incredible views of the coastline, the waterfalls and the crystal clear waters are all great reasons to enjoy the tour, there is no doubt the the highlight is the sheer number of dolphins that live and swim in this area each day. The best time to spot them is either first thing in the morning or at dusk, but early morning is ideal for those who want to get in the water and swim with them. Tours can take you right to Black River, which is where it is safest to hop in the sea and admire the wild dolphins from underwater with a mask and snorkel.

Tour the Moka Mountains on Horseback

The Moka Mountains are one of the most impressive natural landmarks on the island of Mauritius, and they are located just above the capital city of Port Louis. Tours are available that lead hikers or speeding quad bikes through the mountain range, but the most scenic and peaceful option is to travel by horseback. Along the way, riders can stop at a local rum distillery and enjoy a refreshing cocktail, and they can also take a break at the sugar mill and enjoy a sweet snack of freshly-cut sugar cane.

Walk Under Water and See the Marine Life Up Close

Snorkelling and scuba diving are wonderful ways to get a glimpse of the underwater marine life in Mauritius, but nothing is so spectacular as the Underwater Sea Walk. This attraction allows participants to wear a special glass and metal helmet with an attached breathing apparatus underwater, which means that you can stay submerged for roughly 30 minutes at a time. Once underwater, visitors will walk along a pathway following a guide and admiring the fish swimming all around.

Although simply relaxing on the beach is a great way to enjoy a holiday in Mauritius, these amazing excursions can add some excitement to any trip to this tropical island.

This post was written by Debbie, who enjoyed a luxury holiday to Mauritius as a wedding anniversary celebration last year. When she’s not trying to convince her husband to return to the island, she can also be found writing for the Elegant Resorts blog.

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