Fun and exciting attractions in Porto

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Traveling in Europe this fall, and planning on passing through Portugal on your journey? Porto is a fun stop to make, as its winemaking heritage, cuisine and thriving night scene make it ideal for young, single travelers.

Be sure to check out the following exciting attractions in Porto is you are stuck for ideas on what to see…

1) Check out a FC Porto match

Start your time in Porto with an afternoon or evening of exciting football action. FC Porto plays their home games at Estádio do Dragão, which holds over 50,000 loud and passionate spectators when they pack their stands for 90 exciting minutes of elite level football.

Coming off its latest UEFA cup win in 2011, you’ll be certain to witness a superior display of athletic skill as you sing along with their amazing fans.

2) Visit the Port Warehouses

When travelling to Porto, don’t neglect to head over to the Cais de Gaia neighbourhood, as it not only possesses the best views of this city’s skyline, but it is also home to the Port Warehouses. This is where most of the world’s supply of port wine is aged and stored, making it the perfect place to sample Portugal’s contribution to the global liquor cabinet.

3) Eat yourself into a food coma

Despite being bloody tasty, Prtuguese food tends to go unnoticed when it comes to European cuisines. Porto is an excellent place for gourmands to feast on the best dishes that Portugal has to offer, with tons of eateries in Matosinhos and Porto de Leixões to check out.

Be sure to try some Tripas à moda do Porto, which is a hearty dish made from offal; Bacalhau, which is a well-loved local version of salted codfish; and Francesinha, which a toasted sandwich with various kinds of meat and cheese.

4) Party the night away until the sun comes up

With your stomach well-lined with rich food, turn your attention to Porto’s vaunted nightclubs, which are regarded by many to be among the best in Portugal.

Just don’t plan on heading out from your hostel or hotel until at least 1 am, as clubs don’t even open their doors until this time.

After countless glasses of Port and the time comes to call some cabs to shuttle you downtown, steering your party towards Boulevard Aliados is a good idea if you love inventive cocktails and want to meet some of Porto’s most attractive locals; Via Rápida or Vogue are good options if you are looking to party with a younger crowd to the latest in dance or hip hop; and Bazaar is an excellent choice if you are looking for a hipster friendly joint to hang out in.

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