Battle Of The Bars: Happy Hour in England vs. Australia


When one travels to different countries in the world, it is an exciting time in their lives.  With new places being seen every other day and new people entering their lives, nights out of the town happen with greater regularity.

England and Australia are two common destinations for foreign travelers, with different motivations behind visits to each place (Australia doesn’t have England’s history, nor is Britain blessed with Oz’s favourable climate), but one thing is for certain: the locals in both nations sure love to party!

However, the price that one pays for a cracking good time at the pub is always a prime concern for the budget-minded traveler, as neither of these countries are particularly cheap places. So which country should you choose, if one of your primary motives during your travels is to tip back a few pints on a recurring basis?

This is the question we shall attempt to answer in this post for the benefit of the imbibing public.  Let’s start by comparing the price of …

A Pint of Beer

Both Sydney, Australia and London, England rank highly on lists of the world’s most expensive cities, so you might think it would be hard to find a pint of beer at a discount.  Like many true bargains in this day and age, it is possible, provided you know where to look.  At select bars across Sydney on varying nights of the week (usually on a weeknight … the benefits of being a traveler!) one can usually find at least bottle beer for $3 AUD, with pint averaging $4 AUD when they are on sale.

On the other side of the globe, London drink specials can get truly ridiculous in student areas (£1 power hour, anyone?), but on balance, one can snag a pint during the best time of day for less than £3.  Key to party time survival here: pre-drink before your night begins (pace yourself though!), then follow the young Brit lads and lasses to the choice pubs and clubs!


For those that prefer their alcoholic beverage to be classier and more direct than beer, cheap cocktails also track bars where students congregate.  Cocktails in much of London can be had for as cheap as £2.50 on special, while in Sydney, slamming back your favourite spiked concoction will set you back as little as $3 Aussie dollars.


For those whose alcoholic tastes verge towards the sophisticated, Australia’s abundant vineyards have blesses it with relatively affordable prices for vino. Given the hyper expensive nature of alcohol in Australia’s economy, it’s remarkable that glasses of wine generally go between $3 – $4 AUD in most places when prices are reduced.  In London, prices are similar, with glasses averaging £2 – £2.50 when they are on sale.  Some places here offer a better deal when you buy the whole bottle, with some variants on sale for £7.50 for the whole shebang.

If you’d like to know more about the cost of living in different parts of the world, Budget Direct has put together a cool cost of living index which will give you a much better idea. You’d be shocked at how much further your dollar can stretch and the type of life you can afford by simply jumping on a plane. The more cash you save on living costs the more you can spend on partying and that’s not a bad thing.

In most places, despite the shocking nature of the prices one has to pay in certain first-world countries, if you know where to dig around for better deals on things, one can have an affordable trip. By following the locals to where the good happy hour specials happen, you can stretch out your carefree days in either England or Australia … until you have to get a job, at least!


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