Best islands in Indonesia for single travelers

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Strung along the equator at the bottom of Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of the region’s most intriguing nations. 250 million people live amidst 17,000 islands stretching more than 4,000 kilometres from west to east, which is approximately the same distance from Los Angeles to New York City.

With all that variety, what are the best islands in Indonesia for single travelers? This article will unveil the spots where you can go to make the most of your time in this rewarding place.

1) Bali

For those looking for the consummate Indonesian experience, complete with all the nightlife, culture, and yoga retreats you can handle, Bali is where you’ll want to centre your travel efforts.

Kuta Beach is partypacker central, with multiple bars offering obscenely cheap happy hour specials, countless surf schools offering lessons by day, and numerous eateries that are ready to fill your gullet the moment it starts rumbling.

Ubud offers all the zen retreats and temples you would ever want to see, while outdoor lovers will leap at the chance to do a sunrise hike to the top of Bali’s tallest volcano, Mount Batur.

2) Gili Trawangan

Want to get your groove on, but in a more serene tropical setting than the snarling congestion that defines South Bali? Then hop on a ferry to Gili Trawagan, which is the liveliest of the three Gili islands that lie just off the coast of Lombok.

A small, compact island with powder white sand and water that will induce jealousy from friends and family back home, this paradise transforms into a raging party mecca that keeps going until the sun comes up. If sleep is a secondary concern to you, you’ll fit in just fine here.

3) Lombok

Looking to enjoy a place that feels like Bali was more than 30 years ago? If so, the island of Lombok will be a place that is straight up your alley, as it is relatively quiet compared to its cousin across the channel.

Languid countryside lays beneath the intimidating stature of the volcanoes of the interior, while empty beaches beckon the surfer searching for the next up and coming spot to rip the pipeline.

4) Sumatra

Counting as Indonesia’s largest island, Sumatra is this nation’s best spot for those seeking to immerse themselves in the outdoors.

Jungle trekking, surfing on remote beaches, and lounging by the shores of Lake Toba (one of the world’s prettiest crater lakes) are all activities that are on offer, but the difficulty of travel through the region make it not one for those expecting a pleasure cruise.

For those willing to prevail though, the rewards are well worth the effort.

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