Livin’ It Up In The City Of Lights: Enjoying The Best Nightlife In Paris

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With the inevitability of winter’s arrival making itself known with each passing day, you have been strongly questioning your decision to live/go to school this far north. While this season is part of the deal, there is no denying that the emotion-sucking darkness of November takes its toll on many people, yourself included.

If the dark gloom of late November is getting you down, then you should enjoy a city break in Paris, as the many after dark delights of this major European city will go a long way to helping you get out of your funk.

This will get some badly needed vigor into your life, carrying you through into December exams and into the holiday season thereafter. If you’re looking to make the jump over to France’s capital for a weekend of fun with the lads, here is your guide to enjoying the best nightlife in Paris.

Pop In, 105 rue Amelot, 11th arrondissement

While the stereotype about Parisian nightlife is that it is snooty, uptight and full of attitude, there are many places in this city that do a fine job of trashing that myth. Pop In is a place that does just that, as it is the perfect place to begin your night among staff and regulars that are refreshingly unpretentious in their demeanor.

In particular, this bar is an excellent choice for those into the indie music scene, as live shows are on frequently in the basement, and a piano stands by for anyone with the guts and the skill to play in front a room of total strangers.

Social Club, 142 Rue Montmartre, 2nd arrondissement

When you are ready to move on to a club to do some dancing, you might be concerned about bouncers that are notorious for turfing people that don’t qualify as one of the Beautiful People in their eyes. You won’t have to worry about this nonsense at the Social Club, where the focus is on having a good time grooving along to electronic jams instead of posturing and posing.

Here, the house’s famous mint vodka and absinth flows freely, and while the local Parisians will likely be looking better than you fashion-wise, nobody will be judging you here – just get into the game here, meet some cool local peeps, and move your bodies to some of best up and coming DJ’s in the Paris scene.

Duplex Bar, 25 Rue Michel le Comte, 3rd arrondissement 

Even if your preferences lie with the same sex, your choices in Paris will be laid out before you in a bewildering array of options. There are places that welcome all, while there are others that are focused strictly on gay men and lesbians (or one of the previous two).

Out of all the establishments in Gay Paris, the Duplex Bar is your best possible starting point. Starting your night off in a chill place where conversation can flow and bonds can be formed will get your city break in Paris off to a righteous start, and the Duplex offers this in spades.

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