Best nightlife in Sarajevo

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Searching for the best nightlife in Sarajevo? This article will outline the chillest spots to get your drink on in the capital city of Bosnia, with many offering both an atmosphere that is unparalleled and drinks at prices that are hard to beat elsewhere in Europe.

1) Zlatna Ribica

Looking for an intimate atmosphere where the friendly staff can sling coffee along with cocktails? If this is what you seek, then Zlatna Ribica is a spot you must check out before leaving the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Conveniently located in the centre of Sarajevo, the décor and the atmosphere of this cute establishment will put the exclamation point on your stay in this proud metropolis.

2) Kino Bosna

Those looking for a spot that is a bit crazier ought to make Kino Bosna their first stop of the evening, as the infectious spirit of night-loving Bosnians that make this bar their favorite haunt will surely rub off on you during your time here.

While the haze of cigarette smoke can be a bit much for those not used to the local culture, this downside is righted by the presence of local bands that play the traditional music of this part of the Balkans, making it an experience you won’t soon forget!

3) Rock & Jazz Club Underground

Seeking out an awesome venue to check out the rock scene in Sarajevo? The appropriately named Rock and Jazz Club Underground is the ideal place for this, as its spacious floor plan allows for plenty of room for patrons to enjoy their favorite bands. In addition to this, many local draft beers can be found on tap, allowing you to get in touch with the alcohol scene here as well.

4) Ma Jaba Bar

If you are bar crawling in the Old Town, be sure to stop into Ma Jaba Bar, as it has long been a favorite of professional drink tour companies for many years. Its cosy interior is conducive to communication, unlike the loud, brash nature of many dance clubs, so take advantage of this to meet a new friend while you find yourself at this gem in the midst of Sarajevo’s downtown.

5) Baghdad Cafe

Finally, don’t head off to your next destination in the Balkans without spending an evening in the famous Baghdad Cafe. Renowned for its exotic atmosphere, this lounge style establishment brings in many talented DJ’s on weekends, and its cocktails are the talk of the town, making it a great place to go on your last night in Sarajevo.

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