Best Places For An Epic Spring Break In 2014


As a student that has been cooped up inside your ill-heated dorm through one of the coldest winters America has seen in decades, all while studying hard for exams that will only allow you the right to compete for the shrinking about of good jobs left in the economy these days, you are understandably stressed. You are at your wit’s end, and you need a break.

A time-honoured tradition by which many college students have fun at the midpoint of the winter semester is the alluring Spring Break.  In the most southerly reaches of the United States, the icy winds of a winter that refuses to end give away to the gentle caresses of a warm tropical breeze.

With the window to get away closing fast, here are three places that have grown accustomed to welcoming rowdy college students for years, ensuring that they have the facilities to handle you and your cadre on your upcoming spring break…

Key West, Florida

Situated at the end of a string of tropical islands stretching more than a hundred miles into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of South Florida, Key West has the feel of a place where you can escape your troubles, if only for a week. Being as close to the Tropic of Cancer as any point in the Lower 48, the water here tends to be warmer than many other popular Spring Break destinations, culling any potential disappointments in this department.

If you play for the other team, you will be in great company here, as Key West has a vibrant gay community, and for those that love to party hard, the town allows open containers (plastic cups only) on Duval Street in the downtown core, allowing you to take the celebrations outside!

South Padre Island, Texas

Situated on a barrier island off of Brownsville, Texas, South Padre Island is the go to destination for spring breakers from Texas, New Mexico, and much of the Lower Great Plains. Aside from partying on the beach and taking in the events put on by MTV, there are plenty of watersport activities to pursue, from jetskiing to snorkeling in its warm effervescent waters.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Many college students from the Deep South tend to migrate towards the white sands of Panama City Beach, located on the Florida Panhandle on the northern shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Lined with fabulous highrise condo towers, there are many places where you and a squad of friends can pool your money, enabling you to rent a baller student pad of a week’s worth of good times. The nightlife here is legendary, so pace yourself as you tour the many nightspots that this city on the so-called Redneck Riviera has to offer.

Get Your YOLO On This Spring

While you could study during your spring break, there’s plenty of time for that during the many late nights that will come anyway during the leadup to finals.  Choose to live for the moment this year, and create some memories that you’ll never forget!

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