Best places in the world to learn Spanish

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Looking to build upon your rudimentary high school Spanish skills as you travel through parts of the world where this language is on the tongues of every local? By lingering in the best places in the world to learn Spanish, taking classes, and conversating with their residents, you will return home as the renaissance person that you never thought you could be.

1) Salamanca, Spain

Doing a Euro trip this summer and want to pick up Spanish in its mother country? While you could settle into any city or major town in the country and search for a language institute, we recommend choosing Salamanca.

Inland away from the distractions of the beach and temptations to speak English with other tourists, Salamanca offers what is thought to be the purest accent and conjugation of Spanish in the country. In addition to those advantages, the cost of living here is among the lowest in the country, allowing you to afford the tuition fees that you’ll be paying with ease.

2) Oaxaca, Mexico

For many Americans, the easiest option for immersive Spanish language instruction is to head south of the border, where countless pueblos and ciudads where speaking Espanol is the only option await them. For a perfect balance of Spanish speaking locals, beautiful colonial architecture and mouthwatering food though, Oaxaca cannot be beat.

On the latter point, the markets at the centre of downtown are known for their carne asado (grilled meat), chocolates, and enchiladas drowned in black mole sauce, so if you are a foodie that is looking to fine tune their Spanish in an interesting environment, this interior city in Mexico will be a great fit.

3) San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Want to learn Spanish while staring lustily out your window at one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet?

If so, carve some extra time out of your travel schedule and spend it at San Pedro La Laguna, which is one of the more popular villages among travelers at Guatemala’s world famous Lake Atitlan.

When you are not in class, kayaking in the deep blue water of this volcanic caldera will provide you with travel memories that will endure for a lifetime.

4) Buenos Aires, Argentina

If leading a sophisticated lifestyle and practicing your language skills with new found Argentine friends as the sun peeks over the horizon after a long night of tango-infused nightlife, then studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will appeal greatly to you.

Widely considered to be the Paris of South America, and possessing an accent that is among the clearest in the world, both your language learning and social life needs will be well attended to in this beautifully chaotic Southern metropolis.

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