Celebrating Songkran in Bangkok

This is among one of the most marvelous celebrations that you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing. It touches almost every single street in Bangkok. It is a wild and care free party that people look forward too all year. The heart of the party is Kaho Sarn Road and Silom Road.

It is a good idea to make travel and lodging accommodations well in advance. Be prepared for crowded airports and so forth. This is a party that people will travel from around the globe to attend, so it is going to be a busy place.

The atmosphere is electric, and the people are fantastic. You will meet a very diverse crowd.  Every April the 13 the festivities will kick off, and there will be 3 days of absolute celebrating to indulge in. Pack cloths that you wont mind getting wet, and know that the trip will be totally worth it. This three day celebration is sometimes carried on through a 5 day term. Like any other New Years Celebration it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the fun and the excitement of the moment. After all, it does only come once a year.

Songkran is probably the biggest water fight in the world, and it ironically is a sign of love. With water symbolizing cleansing, there are also those who use this time to pay tribute to Buddha. Some take this time to clean the old from their homes and replace it with new. It is a time of renewal and regrowth as well as releasing the things you don’t need in your life. It is a time for strengthening. Bangkok is the best celebration like this other than of course Chiang Mai.

This is a celebration that dates back for centuries. It kicks off the New Year, and the way these people like to do that is by the blessing of the water. The festival is named for the moving of the sun and planets as well as the moon into the zodiac. It actually means “to move into” or “to pass“.

You are going to find that you will have the best time of your like in Bangkok during Songkran. This beautiful land and the amazing people from all over the world will be there to help you start a clean, blessed, fresh new year. There truly is no place else like it on Earth.

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