Chill beaches in Costa Rica

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Looking for some of the best beaches in Costa Rica for a fresh holiday in paradise? Below, these towns will provide a worthy counterpoint to the sweaty eco-adventures you’ll be having in this country’s interior … enjoy.

1) Samara

If mass commercialization bothers you when it comes to beach destinations, then hitting up Samara Beach will prove to be a smart decision for you.

Located on the rugged Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste Province, this sleepy town lacks what other, more developed places in Costa Rica have – namely, fast food joints, chic boutiques, and brash nightlife.

Here, there’s just local restaurants, chill surfer bars, and a wide beach filled with perfect barrel waves. However, conventional wisdom suggests that the word is getting out about this place, so do enjoy it while you can.

2) Jaco

However, it it’s constant excitement and stimulation that you are after, Jaco Beach is exactly what you are looking for.

Located a brisk two hours from the capital of San Jose (noted sarcastically, as getting anywhere in Costa Rica is an exercise in patience), Jaco was the original beach resort that was developed for the express purpose of attracting international tourists, and it shows in terms of its level of development.

If you are looking for local or Western food, both can be had here with ease. The nightlife is legendary, and with surf schools lining the beach, you’ll find a way to learn the most zen sport in the world, so you can impress chicks at the bar later that night. Not far from Jaco is the Osa Peninsula which is also worth visiting on your trip to Costa Rica, The Beach House is one of the most iconic spots to stay.

3) Manuel Antonio

The white beach ideal can be hard to adhere to in Costa Rica, as much of the sand is derived from volcanic sources, making it multiple shades or gray and black throughout much of the country.

Manuel Antonio is a different story though, as its blinding white sand is only made all the more impressive by the lush jungle vegetation that grows right to the back edge of the beach, thanks to the protection of the national park that envelopes it.

4) Puerto Viejo

While the Caribbean side is not nearly as populated as the Pacific side of the country, that means that its beaches are more chill compared to the out of control tourist scene in the latter place.

While the beach on town isn’t the prettiest stretch of sand you’ve ever seen, a quick moped ride out of town will take you to isolated stretches of coast with sugar sand that will satisfy your longing for a Caribbean getaway, all without leaving the mainland.

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