Happening Cities in Europe To Visit in 2015

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With winter here throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, most people are thinking about Christmas, or a tropical escape at this very moment. This preoccupation with these topics makes it the perfect time to plan your summer European trip, as prices are still relatively low more than six months out.

These cities in Europe to visit in 2015 will help stretch your budget, so be sure to read the suggestions below before booking anything for the upcoming season.

1) Berlin, Germany

Having come a long way since being re-unified 25 years ago, Berlin has become a favorite among those that count themselves as part of the hipster crowd. With tons of art, round the clock nightlife that includes a thriving house scene, and restaurants that explore the bleeding edge of culinary exploration, it is not hard to see why.

Berlin is a very friendly place to those of varying lifestyles and orientations, beer is dirt cheap, and you can swim in a pool that’s been converted from a barge that floats in the Spree River at Badeschiff – what’s not to love about this place?

2) Lisbon, Portugal

Being the historic city of one of the Old World’s most prolific empires, Lisbon is home to a very active nightlife culture. This has insured that it gets frequent visits by many of the world’s most popular DJ’s. Parties here go until the sun comes up; a textbook example of the nocturnal nature of Lisbon’s party scene is the fact that Lux (one of the most popular clubs in the city) creates traffic jams heading to it in the small hours of the morning, well before dawn breaks on the eastern horizon.

Those that love grit will also want to spend time at the LX Factory, a former abandoned industrial site that has been transformed into an artsy hub, featuring space for concerts, street markets, exhibitions, and more!

This city can get really popular in the peak summer season, so be sure to find a party hostel in Lisbon well before arriving to save yourself the headache of searching for suitable accommodation on the ground.

3) Krakow, Poland

This Polish city is said to have the highest density of bars of any city in the world, so those looking for a good time in a more affordable corner of Europe will have a field day in Krakow. Many establishments are unique in their scope, as you’ll find establishments in everything from cellars to open-air courtyards.

Even most hostels here have a bar, with many hosting events that include vodka tastings, a liquor that is very popular in this part of the continent. Take your time to get to know your fellow travelers, as bars here don’t generally close as long as people are buying, meaning that heading out around Midnight or afterward will work out just fine.

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