Don’t miss these distilleries in Scotland

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Festooned with scenic mountains, sprinkled by ruins from a proud and defiant past, and populated by a people whose headstrong and humorous nature has endeared them to most visitors that come into contact with them.

For those that are young (or those that love a good stiff drink at the end of the day) though, one of the better attractions of a visit to Scotland involves dropping in to one of its famed malt whiskey distilleries in Scotland and learning how this pricey but smooth spirit is created from the second the barley is sheared in the fields to the moment when this magic elixir emerges from its oak barrels after many years of fermenting within.

In this article, we profile three spots where you are more or less assured of an amazing experience with one of Scotland’s greatest gifts to the world.

1) Fettercairn Distillery

Famous for being Scotland’s oldest operating distillery, Fettercairn has been producing brilliant malt whiskey since 1824. Situated at the bottom of the picturesque Cairngorm Mountains in Laurencekirk, this distillery uses its location to draw upon a pristine aquifer, and with the surrounding fertile farmland being used to grow most of the other ingredients to create its special blends, checking out Fettercairn’s firewater is a must while in Scotland.

2) Glen Moray Distillery

Booze makers tend to be a friendly lot; nowhere else is this more apparent then in the halls of the Glen Moray Distillery. Being the best distillery in a region known for malt whiskey, all of Glen Moray’s employees are highly knowledgeable in the craft of its creation, as even the tour guides can be those that actively take part in the creative process on other days. With a process that has created a whiskey that has a dedicated following, you’ll be looking forward to the eventual tasting at the end.

3) Aberlour Distillery

If you end up passing through the Banffshire area when you head to Scotland, be sure to accept the opportunity to tour the Aberlour Distillery, as you’ll be able to watch the process by which this storied spirit is created. After completing the tour and going through a heavenly tasting session (which includes some special batches that aren’t available for sale to the general public), you won’t just have the chance to purchase a bottle of this amazing stuff, you’ll be able to pour it straight from the storage barrels.

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