Epic and Alternative Events: Hens for Film Lovers

Not every hen fits the in with the stereotypically image of pretty in pink, with neon glowbands and L plates. Sometimes it just so happens that a hen has a little bit of a unique personality that deserves to be celebrated with a fabulously themed alternative hen getaway. And that’s exactly what you should give her.

First and foremost, it doesn’t matter which UK city you stay in, there are tons of theatre and film related activities to get stuck into. The initial concern is finding accommodation that will be suitable and affordable for all.

Group bookings with budget hotels often provide triple rooms at very low costs. Do a quick search online and bagsy the best deal before they go. Hen parties are about getting all of the special lady’s ladies together, and it’s your job to keep the event reasonably priced, and full of fun-filled activities to ensure that happens.

Depending on the hen’s favourite film, tailor your weekend to fit in with the main characteristics of that movie. Typical top runners including Grease and Dirty Dancing are easy to run with – there’s often tons of fancy dress around, as well as live theatre productions in town.

When your hen loves something a little out of the ordinary though, don’t shy away from theming the weekend to include horror fancy dress, trips to see a scary flick or dining at an unusual restaurant, such as The Hellfire Club in Manchester. There are also horror walks around London city and plenty of spooky excursions arranged for any stays in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

If the lady of the moment is into classic Hollywood and everything that comes with it, take a trip back in time and arrange something a little glam and a little vintage. Pamper parties are always a fabulous hit, and there are companies offering this kind of service in almost every city at the moment.

Get ready to be transformed, complete with victory rolls, red lippy and deliciously defined eyebrows. The night is young still though, and taking a master class in how to make those martinis ‘shaken, not stirred’, is what it’s all about.

After a night of burlesque, on the tiles, at a horror cabaret, or wherever else your theme leads you, don’t forget to plan in some chill out time. Afternoon tea for the vintage ladies is a top choice (don’t forget the champers!), while a spa session, or theatre dance class are other low key add-ons for the daytime.

Meeting the movie stars, themselves? Well that might be a little bit of a pipedream. Do check online though for any tickets to premiers that might be available, but if all else fails, book a trip to London or Blackpool where Madame Tussauds guarantees that you will get a glimpse of the stars, and even a few pictures to prove it.

Give your hen the party she deserves and put a little effort into her last weekend of freedom. Start your party planning today and book your budget accommodation online. Once you’ve got the basics sorted, there’s simply no end to the amount of film-inspired fun you can jam into one weekend.

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