Finding The Hottest Nightlife In Honolulu


When one goes to Hawaii, they are seeking out good times under the sun, but when it sinks beneath the horizon, the awesome vibes are only getting warmed up, as many parties are just getting started on the streets of Honolulu via its many outstanding nightspots.

For a long time, it has been a common criticism that the nightlife here took on a hokey feel that lacked the modern, edgy feel that today’s youth find much more attractive, but the times have been a changin’ along the palm-lined streets of Hawaii’s capital, with many new establishments opening up that have generated a lot of excitement among locals and tourists alike.

How should your night go once you have showered up after a long day of playing in the surf and baking in the sun? By checking out the places we have singled out below, you’ll have a much more intriguing evening than you ever thought possible in Honolulu…

1) Bar 35

While some pre-game drinking is definitely on the agenda, be sure to pair it with some excellent food. Bar 35 in Chinatown achieves this objective handily, as they are well known for their flavourful flatbread pizzas among the other worthy choices on their menu. On the alcohol consumption end of things, beer lovers will be spoiled for choice, as there are over 150 beers available for their quaffing pleasure.

2) Nocturna Lounge

With some food and an initial dose of alcohol in your system, head next to one of Honolulu’s most offbeat but fun places in Nocturna Lounge. This bar is a place whose time has come, as its mashes video games and karaoke with a bar featuring top shelf booze to create an eclectic experience that will have you talking about it for weeks after your visit.

3) Addiction Nightclub

Once you are ready to do some serious clubbing, take some serious cash out of the ATM, fix your hair and grab some members of the opposite sex, as Addiction Nightclub has given Honolulu that high class exclusive nightspot it has always seemingly lacked.

Note well: this place is expensive, with $7 beers and cocktails as a floor, not a ceiling. It’s best not to go cheap here, so if you can pool some money together with your buddies, go for the bottle service, as it will secure you seating in a place that offers none for those buying single drinks like chumps that they are.

Make a point to get out of your seat and bust a move on the dance floor before the night is through, as this hot spot on Honolulu’s night scene has a habit of attracting some big name DJ’s to spin in its music booth!

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