5 Great Dance Clubs in Europe

If you are traveling around Europe and you are looking for the clubs that offer the best time here are five of the greatest. It is hard to narrow down the clubs in Europe because they really know how to party.  You can make a trip and fill it with club dates across the continent.  Lets take a look at the clubs in different countries to give everyone a fair shake.

The UK

When you are in London you have to stop in at the Fabric. This club is a unique experience that offers the world famous “Bodysonic” dance floor. The floor vibrates to the music as you party the night away. If that is a bit more than you bargained for you have three other rooms to choose from. Centrally located across from the meat packing district  this is a must if you are in London.


The Sub Club is Europe’s oldest underground club. This club offers a great time thanks to the non stop music and a crowd that knows how to party!  Experience the underground club scene at the Sub Club in Glasgow, Scotland.

Berlin, Germany

Germany is THE home of Techno music. If you are going to be in Berlin you can not leave until you have had a night at Berghain.  The club is super big, it is housed in an old power plant. This club is known through out Europe for its “darkroom” if you are big on a hedonistic experience Berghain is the place for you.

Frankfurt Germany

Since you are already in Berlin you might as well head over to Frankfurt . Frankfurt’s Cocoon club is an awesome place to party. This club is a treat for all your senses. The three hundred and sixty degree screens bounces images around the club. The lights are amazing and generally you can get into the groove just by walking in the club.


Ibiza, Spain is the place to be!  Space is a world renowned club that can really pack them in. It is large enough to accommodate over 20,000 people. This is the club that never closes. There are 2 day long events at Space.  This club attracts the best DJ’s from around the world because it is such a great place to party.

This is just a very small sampling of the clubs that can provide you with a great time in Europe.


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