Great Singles Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona Spain offers some of the best nightlife anywhere in the world. You can find amazing eateries, bars and clubs. Don’t forget about the Chocolatierers! The action starts around ten pm and goes till about 2am at the bars during the week. The weekend the bars stay open till 3am.

The clubs really start kicking up around 10pm as well but they close around 5-6am depending on how the action is flowing. You have never quite experienced nightlife like the nightlife in Barcelona.

Cocktail Bars

Ovella Negra Taverna is a great bar in Barcelona because it has a lively crowd although it is a young crowd of mostly college students which can be a plus because it is CHEAP. What you get is a laid back atmosphere and some really good company to party with.

Hows about a bit of Ireland in Spain? You can get your fill of Ireland in Spain at the Michael Collins Bar. This pub offers live music that will take you to Dublin with a Spanish accent. It is a great place to stop in for a pint of Guiness if you are so inclined.

7 Sins is one of the hottest bars in Barcelona. It has an upstairs area where cocktails are served and a downstairs area where there is a dance floor. 7 sins is a seductive lounge that is all the rage.

Aurora is also up there on the hottest places in Barcelona to party. The cocktails are scrumptious and the atmosphere is sexy with its all red décor.

The Bambu Lounge offers a flair of the orient with unique cocktails on the menu.  The atmosphere at this bar is lounge lizard fun.

Tapas Bars

The Tapas Bars in Barcelona are very popular with the locals. They are establishments that serve appetizers as well as beer, wine and cocktails.

Quimet I  is a favorite Tapas of the locals. Think sports bar with a twist. The walls are decorated with local sports teams memorabilia. The food that is served is amazing and the drinks are the perfect way to kick back and relax.

Maitea is an interesting bar. It offers a large variety of Tapas, and each one is very reasonably priced. The crowd is young so it makes for a lively bunch. The bar is often crowded with young people that are boisterous and fun to be around!


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