A party person’s guide to The Algarve

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Thinking of checking out the coast of southern Portugal next summer? With the popularity of The Algrave, it’s never too early to book your hotels in this hot holiday hotspot; this party guide to The Algarve will fill you in on what to expect in some of the towns along the coast…

Lagos: Bon Vivant Bar

Of the beach towns in the Algarve, Lagos has the biggest backpacker crowd, as it features a lazy beach where the young and the fabulous soak up the sun and play volleyball all day, and hit its numerous bars and clubs by night.

Here, the alcohol flows freely, as it is cheaper than water at happy hour, and not much more than that afterward.

Bon Vivant Bar is a great place to spend your night, as it has long established a reputation as the place to be since it’s opening in the 1980’s.

With four floors of fun, a variety of music and atmosphere is offered by this mainstay of nightlife in Lagos; this includes the roof top terrace, where the best views of the sunset in town can be had for those wishing to pair it with their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Praia da Rocha: On the Rocks Bar

Located in the beach district of the Algarve city of Portimão, Praia da Rocha is one of this region’s biggest draws.

Named for the impressive sea stacks offshore, and not for what covers the beach (which consists of fine golden sand, and NOT pebbles), it has attracted visitors for generation, including those that love to celebrate life while they are alive.

If this describes you perfectly, the one establishment you should be certain to visit after dark is On The Rocks Bar. In fact, be sure to visit right at sunset, at its clifftop location makes it the perfect spot for a sundowner beer or cocktail.

The owner is in tune with trends in the dance music scene, and as such, he brings in the trendiest DJ’s he can find to play sets in this club.

This reels in a crowd of some of the Algrave’s most beautiful and happening people, making for excellent people watching and … um … fishing prospects 😉

Albufeira: Capitulo V Nightclub

Once a sleepy and peaceful fishing village, little remains of Albuferia’s former incarnation, except for its small Old Town core.

Its charming nature has blended well with modern development though, creating a place not only where holidaymakers go to rest and relax, but a spot where one can discover Portuguese cuisine and culture.

After all this discovery and a few hours on the beach though, you might want to spend an entire night living it up.

When this night comes, spend it at Capitulo V Nightclub. Famed for attracting some of the best spinners on the DJ circuit today, you’ll find it hard not to bust a move to the rhythms that are produced here on a nightly basis during the summer.

For best results, be sure to time your visit so that you’ll be here in August.

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