The best Gulf of Mexico beaches to hit in the USA this summer

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Looking for the best Gulf of Mexico beaches to hit in the USA this summer? From Texas to Florida, there are many options suitable for young travelers looking to have a good time. Let’s go over four of the best ones below…

1) South Padre Island, Texas

With the southern end of South Padre being home to a vast assortment of nightlife and condo rental apartments that mostly serve the surge of college students that descend upon this barrier island like a Mongol horde come spring break, this famous Texan party town is well equipped to serve your summer beach travel needs.

Those seeking a more intimate gathering during the day can have it with ease – there are more than 50 miles of unbroken beach in more rustic settings due north of town, and with plenty of rental operators offering jetskis and parasails, those with an adrenaline habit will find plenty of outlets with which to satisfy their urges.

2) Gulf Shores, Alabama

Those further away from the Texas gulf coast may want to consider Gulf Shores as an alternative to the awesomeness of South Padre, as it has plenty going for it in other areas. One of those advantages is that they kick off the summer season with the Hangout Festival, a rapidly growing celebration of pop and rock music that takes place right on the beach.

If lying on the beach is starting to bore you, try heading out offshore into the deep water and attempt to hook into a big fish. There are numerous charter boats in the area that are avilable to help you do this, so chip in with some buddies and take home some edible trophies.

3) Biloxi, Mississippi

Further to the east, Biloxi provides those in Mississippi with plenty of options for summer fun. One of their biggest draws involves its long strip of white sand that is bereft of heaving crowds, as many prefer much higher profile options to the west and east.

With plenty of casinos, those that have an itch to take risks with their money in hopes of a big payoff will have a place get their gamble on, so give it a try if the weather isn’t cooperating.

4) Panama City Beach, Florida

Alongside South Padre in Texas, Panama City Beach in the Florida Panhandle is one of the epicentres of student debauchery during the annual drinking festival that is also known as spring break.

Once again, the vacation rentals that hold these young celebrants are open for the taking in the summer, so move in and hold a reenactment of the festivities that were enjoyed there just a few month prior.

During the day, go on a dolphin and snorkel tour, which will put you in touch with these highly intelligent creatures in their natural habitat.

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