High energy activities in the Swiss Alps

photo by CC user Jack3 on wikimedia

Does your Euro Trip have you heading to Switzerland soon? These high energy activities in the Swiss Alps will help you get the most out of this stunningly beautiful part of Europe, while helping you get the exercise you badly need…

Skiing and snowboarding (Davos)

There are many ski and snowboard resorts throughout Switzerland, but none quite match the vibe that Davos provides its snow sports enthusiasts, on and off the mountain.

What it lacks in traditional alpine town charm, it makes up for it in high quality offerings for intermediates and above, and a apres ski scene that will soothe away the bumps and bruises of novices attempting to stretch their skills.

Prices here aren’t cheap, but the money you’ll spend will buy experiences that you won’t soon forget!

Canyoning (Interlaken)

Ever look up at small waterfalls and wonder, “I wonder what it would be like to ride that thing?”. Canyoning allows you to experience that, as well as riding rivers and rappelling down rock walls.

One of the more popular operations of this small but growing sport worldwide can be found in Interlaken, where tight slot canyons, bracing glacial water, and panoramic mountain views all combine with the adrenaline-pumping movements of this exhilarating sport to create a day that will go down as one of best you’ve had in your life to date.

Mountain biking (Zermatt)

Zermatt may be known primarily for mountaineering, as it is within view of the Matterhorn and the Eiger, but its numerous trails within easy reach of town have also made it into a biking mecca as well.

Lots of single tracks await bikers here, and with list-assisted access, you’ll be doing runs until the sun is low on the western horizon. We challenge you to keep your eye on the trail, and off the magnificent scenery: it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Hiking/trekking (Grindelwald)

Want to wander the flower-filled meadows of the Swiss Alps in a care-free fashion? There are many places where you can do this in Switzerland, but in our own estimation, the best base for doing a walkabout in the Swiss backcountry is in Grindelwald.

You can walk up from the base if you so choose, but if the thought of lugging your body up the mountain after an exhausting night out on the town the night before makes you want to hurl, gondolas and chair lifts are available to take you up to where the scenery of the treeline and alpine regions begins in earnest.

This makes the beauty of the area available to those of all abilities and fitness levels, so don’t limit yourself to a walk in the woods if you consider yourself to be out of shape.

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