Hipster Coffee Shops in Berlin

While there are tons of coffee shops in Berlin to choose from, some can be a bit more out of the average everyday person’s style. In Berlin we call these places hipster spots. Yes, that’s right I said hipster spots. Now everybody has their own definition of hipsters, because that’s what stereotyping does. It judges people by classification, but needless to say here and in Berlin opinions tend to differ. In Berlin you will find Hipster coffee shops galore. This is where most of them hang out, along with a few other choice hideouts, bars and recreational spots. They even have a Hipster festival in Berlin.

Coffee shops are one of the main hangouts for the hipsters in Berlin to go and sit and hang out, just for the simple fact that a lot of them prefer their quiet downtime and their coffee among other things that would normally not be allowed in other countries or states. They also choose these coffee shops because of the Wi-Fi services offered in the coffee shops to attract business. Internet and caffeine makes a great combination for these folks and most other people too. There are tons of shops to choose from that all vary on the preferences and likes of the individual.

Kaffee und Küchen is probably one of the most popular shops due to the relaxing atmosphere of the place their very own Cheesecake, and they have some of the best coffee and espressos in Berlin. They also have their very own mini library and of course who can forget the Wi-Fi. This coffee shop is really popular mainly during winter months but is used widely throughout the year by locals and visitors and during the summer it’s got a great outside patio area to enjoy the summer weather.

Now there are some coffee shops that center on work atmospheres only, and are a definite favorite for people who work online jobs and such. Free Wi-Fi, quiet and calm atmosphere, and coffee and lunch all in one. This is also a popular hangout for hipsters who are just looking for some downtime and don’t want to be bothered. Getting to know the city is hard since it’s spread out, it’s good to know what each neighbourhood in Berlin is like before your visit.

Among the quiet shops you also have the crowded coffee shops that are the center attraction for mainly hipsters, travelers and backpackers. These shops tend to get a little noisy and are usually very busy, but is well worth it for their coffee which is freshly ground and roasted right there in the shop. So no matter what kind of atmosphere you are looking for your sure to find it in Berlin coffee shops.

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