How to save money on a trip to Thailand

Wondering How to save money on a trip to Thailand?

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Wondering how to save money on a trip to Thailand? This post will outline how you can get the most out of every Baht you spend, but if you are looking for more ideas to save on the road after having read it, check out Cash Lady for even more pointers…

1) Plan your trip during low season

One of the best ways you can save a bundle of money while traveling to Thailand is to make your trip there during the low season.

While this time is typically the rainy part of the year, the downpours that occur typically only last for a half an hour to a couple hours per day.

Outside of these episodes, the sun is out like it normally is at other times during the year. However, due to the dramatic drop in tourist traffic during these months, deep discounts can be enjoyed at many resorts across the country.

2) Avoid the major tourist destinations

When many folks think of Thailand, images of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Pattaya immediately come to mind. While this is a cheap country overall, your costs will be significantly higher in these highly trafficked destinations.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to go in Thailand that are just as beautiful as the most popular holiday spots (such as Koh Chang, Chiang Mai, and Koh Lanta), but cost considerably less.

By leaving the crowds behind, and you can have that beautiful white sand beach, or explore that undisturbed Thai temple without spending more money than you have to.

3) Eat meals on the street

In many places around the world, eating on the street is normally associated with greasy grub that isn’t the best for you.

Thailand is an exception to this rule, as much of its best meals can be had on the sidewalk, as hard as it is to believe.

In fact, many local accommodations don’t even come up the kitchen, as there are so many outdoor food stalls available in any given place in this country.

Even if there is a kitchen, many are incentivized to eat out for many of their meals, as the cost savings of cooking your own food at home is minimal compared to the effort you need to put in to do the latter.

With the cost of eating out as low as one dollar per meal, pounding the pavement for Thai food stalls will save you considerable amounts of money compared to eating at a formal restaurant.

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