Kicking it in the capital of Catalonia: 4 killer nightlife spots in Barcelona

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Mixing elements of artistic cool with unrelenting modernity, Barcelona has seen its travel stock rise into the stratosphere in recent years. As a result, it has attracted throngs of young people to this lively city in the heart of Catalonia.

Before taking off to this tourism hotspot, it is wise to arrange your accommodation before arriving in town.

Fortunately, there are plenty of party hostels in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona that will help you get the party started before making your way out to all the killer nightlife spots in Barcelona.

With that base covered, let’s uncover some of its best places to let your hair down

1) Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Get your night off to a rousing start by stopping off for a pint at Flaherty’s Irish Bar. They have a fine selection of beers on tap that includes Grolsch, and they are well known for their pub food, with their meatloaf earning repeated accolades from diners.

Need to smoke while you down your drink? Take advantage of the terrace outside, where you can enjoy Barcelona’s finest as they pass by.

2) Raïm

If you want to embed yourself within one of Barcelona’s local barrios, then Raïm will prove to be an inspired choice.

It may not be widely known, but Catalonia has had ties with Cuba extending well into the past. You will find evidence of this inside, as the walls within this bar are covered with photos of Che Guevara from the days just before the revolution.

With a distinct Cuban motif here, you can bet that the mojitos here are incredible, and with vintage rums behind the bar, you would be correct in that assessment.

3) Casa Mariol Wine Bar

Into wine more than beer or mixed drinks? One of the better spots you can go with your vino loving friends in Barcelona is the Casa Mariol Wine Bar, as it gets you a chance to sample of the region’s best local wine.

Drink Ebre’s best product straight from the cask, or sample some Suau, which is a blend of soda and coffee. Pair them with some clotxa, which is a tapa that consists of bread stuffed with herring, garlic, tomatoes and onions.

4) BeCool

Want to hit a club that is crawling with locals instead of just travelers from elsewhere in the world? BeCool fits this description handily, and being true to its name, it has many features that make it quite hip.

These include a dance floor that revolves, an exciting lineup of up and coming electronica DJ’s, and a clientele that will impress you with their creative hairstyles.

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