La belle vie: Live it up in Quebec this summer


Of all the provinces in Canada, Quebec is the most intriguing to many American youth and young travellers from around the world. Its two biggest cities are known for their carefree, European ambience, while its expansive wilderness holds limitless possibilities for outdoor recreation.

Excited to experience this place yourself? We know exactly how you feel; however, we need to talk about an important subject before we get into the details below. As a young traveller, you are probably aware of the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada.

In fact, some of you are planning trips north of the border to enjoy the awesome bud grown north of the border. With producers making medicinal marijuana with an acmpr grow license over the past several years, you can be assured there will be an adequate supply.

However, be aware of the restrictions which have been placed on consumption – with weed smoking being prohibited in places where cigarette smoking is banned, you will need to be careful where you choose to light up.

With that advisory out of the way, let’s talk about all the fun things you can get up to while travelling in Quebec.

Experience the festivals and nightlife of Montreal

A popular destination for college-aged travellers, Montreal has an open-minded, anything goes flair to it which makes it an awesome place to visit for the unattached.

During the summer months, this city is home to a variety of world-famous festivals – Juste Pour Rire (Just for Laughs), the Montreal International Fireworks Competition, and Montreal Pride are just a few of the events which further electrify a city known for its amazing atmosphere.

After enjoying these celebrations, hit the town hard – whether you are into pubs, sports bars, or nightclubs, you’ll find venues that will accommodate you, no matter your orientation or tastes.

Explore one of the most European cities in North America

After you have experienced everything Montreal, move on to Quebec City. More than just the capital of this province, this place is home to one of the few old colonial-era cities still left standing in the United States and Canada. While is home to one of the world’s best-known winter festivals, it is just as captivating in the summer as well.

The Lower Town is a place filled with cobblestone streets, European-style architecture, and unique restaurants, shops, and bars. In short, it is unlike any place you’ve been in North America. Don’t forget to try some poutine before leaving – the perfect cure for a hangover after a long night of partying.

Paddle on the waters of the Saguenay

Looking for outdoor adventure? If you love paddling, you’ll find some of this province’s best waterways in the Saguenay region. Defined by a long fjord jutting inland from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, you’ll feel small and insignificant passing beneath the tall cliffs which rise from either side of this body of water.

Just one note if you plan on visiting this region: virtually everybody in Saguenay speaks French exclusively, so brush up on what you learned in high school, and have Google Translate at the ready.

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