Enjoying layovers as a young traveler

Photo by CC user Infrogmation of New Orleans on wikimedia

Have a punishing 12 hour gap between flights coming up soon? By enjoying layovers as a young traveler, one of the most dreaded parts of travel may become of one the more exciting parts of your journey. Let’s explore how to make this possible…

Find the left luggage counter and ditch your bag

First things first: you gonna have a bad time if you are lugging around 20+ pounds of gear for hours on end. In order to ensure your extended layover is pleasurable one rather than an ordeal, make it your first mission to find the left luggage counter, where you can store your bags in a safe place for the duration of your stay. The vast majority of these services have a 24 hour attendant, be always check when with them when leaving your luggage just to be sure.

Get some exercise: stroll the airport

Sitting in an airliner seat for hours isn’t the best for your legs and your overall health. Fortunately, most terminals in major international airports sprawl over an unimaginable amount of space, making it easy to get in a brisk walk that can take up to a half hour from end to end in the biggest airports in the world, all without breaking stride the whole time. So, grab some water, avoid the moving sidewalks and survey the entire terminal where you’ll spending a ton of time.

Take full advantage of unique amenities

Almost every airport has unique attractions that make them different from other airports worldwide. From the luxurious lounges and restaurants of Toronto Pearson International Departures (terminal 1), to the movie theatres and spas in Incheon airport in Korea, and the swimming pool at Singapore Changi, there’s something in each facility that will inevitably capture your interest. Find out what they are on your walk and don’t afraid to indulge in a few perks!

Go on layover tours

While some international airports are located a long distance from the urban centres they serve, others are close enough and integrated with transport links that it makes it possible for tour agencies to offer short trips into the city to allow those on long layovers to get a taste of the place they are transiting through. Make sure you can get back in time to go through security and make it to your gate, and if you can, sign up for these interesting whirlwind tours.

Hit the airport bar

Finally, if all else fails, there’s always the airport bar. While prices are far from value oriented, getting a few drinks in you may be enough to make the sterile environs of the airport you are housed in somewhat interesting. There will be plenty of intriguing strangers seated next to you aty the bar from all walks of life, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation.


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