Living it up in Southeast Asia: check out these nightspots

photo by CC user Maxim B. on Flickr

Looking for a good party wherever you are going in Southeast Asia? Whether you are in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, there are great venues where you can party rock until the light of dawn illuminates the sky.

Check out these nightspots during your time in the following cities…

Bangkok: Ku De Ta

While many backpackers will be content to drink themselves into oblivion on Khao San Road, those that are in search of the ultimate party in Bangkok will want to make their way downtown to Sathorn.

Not long ago, it was here that Ku De Ta opened, giving fans of big, bold nightclubs a place to congregate in BKK.

Featuring music ranging from hip hop to house, internationally famous DJ’s aren’t the only reason to part ways from the travel pack: located on the 39th floor of the Sathorn One building, the views from its rooftop patio will make you feel like you’ve taken your partying game to the next level.

Chiang Mai: Zoe in Yellow

Many travelers have commented that Chiang Mai is a bit of a disappointment on the nightlife front. While you won’t be headed here for the clubbing alone, an oasis in the desert of good clubbing options here is Zoe in Yellow.

Located in an unpretentious open plan lot in the middle of the Old City, this is one place where you won’t have to dress to impress, as flip flops and shorts are de rigueur here.

Those that are prone to the midnight munchies will be well catered for here as well, as numerous food stalls line the streets surrounding the Zoe complex, including the infamous Tacos Bell cart.

Siem Reap: Angkor What?

Despite the cheesy name, Angkor What is a venue that draws in party people of all stripes by the end of the evening, as its universal appeal makes it a viable option for most.

It’s a great place if you enjoy top 40, club music, and alcohol that is cheaper than anywhere else. With some nights lasting until dawn, it is the spot for the dedicated reveler in Siem Reap.

Hanoi: Hero Club

Much of the nightlife scene traditionally revolves around beer corner, where locals and tourists sit on child sized patio furniture drinking bia hoi for the bottom of the barrel price of $0.25 a glass.

For those seeking an option that goes deeper into the night though, hitting up Hero Club will be where you’ll want to go afterward.

The d├ęcor is industrial themed, but the atmosphere is surprisingly laid back, making for a long night of good vibes.

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