The New Bali: 3 Unforgettable Beach Towns on Lombok


A year after parachuting out of college and into a real world career, you are beginning to understand what they were saying about how much of a shock to the system it is for the neophyte worker.

Unlike school, where you generally had free reign of your day outside of classes, you have been thrust into a system that forces you to wake at an ungodly hour, depart your house/apartment when it is still dark and cold outside, and listen to the dictates of a superior who may or may not be smarter than you are for eight plus hours a day. You then head home, you get in maybe a few hours of relaxation before repeating the same vicious cycle again the next day.

In short, you’ve had enough: you need a break, ASAP.

Surfing the web one evening, the islands of Indonesia grab your attention. With pristine beaches, friendly folk, awesome food and rock-bottom prices, you haven’t been this excited in a long, long time. In particular Lombok stands out to you, as you’ve heard from your more nomadic college buddies that it’s the place that Bali was 20 years ago.

As sold as you are on this place, you’ll want to stay as long as you can so you can soak in what it feels like to live in paradise on a long term basis. As such, finding hotel deals to minimize costs should be number one priority after booking your plane ticket, as winging it often costs more than planning ahead.

Now that we have gotten you sufficiently excited about exploring this Indonesian gem, here are three beach towns on Lombok that are so perfect that you may end up canceling your return trip ticket back home.

1) Senggigi

If you want to experience Lombok’s beauty, but want a relatively developed area from which to base yourself, Senggigi is the place you’ll want to stay. Completely unlike the urban chaos of South Bali, all the town life takes place along one street here, while the black sand beach plays host to surf breaks that are uncrowded and killer sunset views looking across at the volcanic mountains on Bali.

2) Tanjung

Those seeking white sand rather than the less popular black sand that predominates in Senggigi will want to stay in Tanjung, found at the northwest corner of the island. In addition to the more eye-friendly sand and water, cliffs and sea stacks will add to the number of pictures you’ll take during your time here, and those that want to experience the Gilli Islands for a day or longer will have easy access to water taxis that will be able to make the 30 minute journey at any point during the day.

3) Kuta (no, not the one on Bali…)

The Kuta on Lombok is a far cry from the Kuta that presently exists on Bali. On Lombok, Kuta is a secluded coastal village that arguably has some of the best beaches in Indonesia, with its blinding white sand and effervescent blue-green waters only being discovered by travelers in the past few years. Still relatively unspoiled, locals go about their lives much as they always have, so be sure to check this place out before it gets too developed!

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