An exhilarating night out in Berlin

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Gearing up to head to Germany later this summer? You might have planned it this way all along, or maybe you tried to book your Oktoberfest trip to Munich far too late … in any event, Berlin is an amazing city with more attractions than you can reasonably see in one trip.

This city’s nightlife, thanks to the enthusiasm of its young population, has an energy that will draw you in from day one, making it hard to leave to explore other destinations in Germany or Europe. As such, a trip here will likely not disappoint you, or other members of your party.

One thing before we begin this post though … make sure to book your hotel in Berlin in advance,as accomodations fill up very quickly in the high season, and especially in September and early October, when Oktoberfest is going off in Munich, Berlin and other cities across the country.

Now that you have that base covered, let’s walk through a sample itinerary that could lead to you having an exhilirating night out in Berlin…

1) Hofbräuhaus München Berlin

Start off your evening by taking a seat at Hofbräuhaus München Berlin, a traditional Bavarian beer hall that will fill in nicely if you are feeling bummed about missing Oktoberfest in Munich.

The bar’s decor is set up to emulate this well-loved German festival, and with attractive wait staff bringing you adult pops in half litre steins, there will be times during your time here where you feel like you are at this world famous beer fest.

Be sure to have some traditional German bar snacks as you imbibe, with Zwiebelkuchen (onion cake), Handkäse mit Musik (cheese with onions, caraway seeds and buttered bread), and Bratwurst (you know what this one is … one of the best sausages of all time) being the ones to look out for.

2) Kim Bar

These days, Berlin is well known for being a hipster haven … as a result of this, the number of bars focused on the artsy crowd have exploded over the years, but we feel that Kim Bar is the most intriguing choice out of the lot.

Launched as a protest of sorts of the over-commercialization of the Berlin nightlife scene, the atmosphere here is decidedly non-conformist, with no marking on the entrance (if the building you’re in front of has an edifice that is all glass, you’re in the right ballpark – just look for its fashion forward clientele that are outside for a puff), and little other than graffiti covering the chrome steel walls inside.

With local DJ’s and drinks are far cheaper than other “poser” bars that charge way more for the privelege, it is a spot worth going to for the unique music, and the scenesters it attracts.

3) Berghain

Be sure to spend a good deal of time enjoying yourself at Kim Bar, as getting into the last establishment on our list can be a challenge at times.

The door staff are picky with who they let in, which means you and your crew of lads may be turned away with the indifference that one would expect from an employee of a club with the reputation that Berghain has (hint: have more girls than guys in your group, and dress to impress – techo style).

If you do get in, you’ll be treated to a dance floor that you’ve envisioned before coming to Europe – uninhibited, stylish and unwilling to stop until the sun comes up.

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