Painting the town red on a night out in Birmingham

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With the school year well underway across the United Kingdom, student clubs, societies and random groups of lads and lasses are busy planning getaways to nearby cities so that they can get a taste of the nightlife in a different urban environment.

Birmingham is a popular destination, as this cosmopolitan city offers a variety of bars that cater to the partying needs of young people.

Before you begin organizing your weekend break to Birmingham, check out the recommendations we have for you concerning a great night painting the town red in the United Kingdom’s best kept secret…

1) The Rainbow

World renowned for the quality EDM and rave acts that it brings in from around the world, the Rainbow is one of Birmingham’s leading places to go when you just want to let it all hang out.

With a cavernous interior and a garden terrace where dancers can chill out in the evening air, this institution of nightlife in this city has become a tourist attraction for young travelers from around the world.

The Rainbow also hosts parties so big that the surrounding streets get closed off, so do try to visit when it hosts a big act.

2) Boxxed

Of all the places to party in Birmingham, how many who expect to find one of its most avant garde spots in a startup incubator?

Indeed, Boxxed serves as a place where many fledgling businesses are mentored by day, but by night, it transforms into a trendy dance hall whose tastes verge on the industrial side of things.

With a variety of events that boast trendy stage design, those that require their nightspots to be atmospheric will be pleased by what they find here.

3) Lab 11

Looking to get into underground house and/or techno on your night out in Birmingham? Lab 11 is one of the best spots to go for this type of music, as its lighting rig makes its dance floor one of the best places in the city to enjoy it.

With a capacity of around 1,000 people, this floor is one of the liveliest around, and with this venue hosting many afterparties to other events in Birmingham, you can keeping going well into the night at Lab 11.

4) Hare & Hounds

If you are looking for an environment that is calmer, quieter and more sane than the above listed choices, then picking a quality pub will be the best decision for you and your crew.

In Birmingham, Hare & Hounds is considered by many critics to be one of the best public houses in the city.

With an assortment of excellent local craft beers and sophisticated foreign imports all at reasonable prices, this is either a great place to have a quiet evening, or to prepare for a more epic night at a second venue.

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