Enjoy a boisterous night out in Edinburgh

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Heading up to Scotland for a night out in Edinburgh this spring? If you are, this article will point you towards a series of watering holes that will make your bender one of the more memorable ones that you’ve had in your life to date.

1) Peartree House

Start your night out in Edinburgh while the sun is still up by mixing with its student population at the Peartree House.

With high stone walls protecting its courtyards from the chilly winds that buffet the city during the course of spring, it is a pleasant place to day drink while you attempt to invite attractive locals along on your merry pub crawl.

Linger a while if BBQ is being served or if a band is playing – on a beautiful day, there is no better place to be for young singles in Edinburgh than the Peartree.

2) The Southern

When you organize a trip to Edinburgh, you’ll want to make sure this spot is on your itinerary early on in the evening, as The Southern’s excellent food at a fair price will provide your stomach with the lining it needs to get through the rest of the night in good shape.

Situated close by to this city’s major universities on the south side, you’ll have a great spot to continue meeting attractive students in a sufficiently quiet environment.

If drinking microbrews is an interest of yours, you’ll be pleased to learn that this place has a great rotation of local brands, in addition to more popular beers around around the globe.

3) Three Sisters

Looking for something a bit rowdier before heading off to the clubs later?

If so, Three Sisters is an excellent choice, as its outer courtyard offers a big screen that broadcasts any sporting events going on, and its dance floor, beer hall, and indoor seating area gives those looking to take the party indoors a spot to do their thing.

4) The Liquid Room

When the time comes to groove out to electronic music or a live band, there are many choices in town, but our personal favorite lately has been The Liquid Room.

Attracting people from various backgrounds and walks of life, the pursuit of fun and excitement seems to be the common denominator here.

Depending on the night you visit, bands that are among the best up and coming acts in the country can often be found playing its stage, or DJ’s will be making use of one of the best sound systems in the city.

No matter the situation, just let your hair down and prepare to have a great time.

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