Your Guide To An Awesome Night Out In Osaka


Whether you find yourself in Osaka as a traveler fulfilling a lifelong dream to be in this traditional yet ultra-modern land, or are here on a long-term basis as an English teacher, this city’s appeal only increases at the going down of the sun.

With the vibrant drinking culture of the Japanese on full display, as well as the exuberance of native Osakans towards the pleasurable task of eating, you will quickly grow fond of this Japanese metropolis’ love of life after dark.

So that you might get the most of the evenings that you spend in Osaka, here is our guide to an awesome night out in Osaka, Japan.

Start with a meal at these distinctive Osakan restaurants

Before you join the locals in the bars and attempt to keep up with them, you’ll need to line your stomach with the hearty and tasty fare that Japan is famous for. You could start by heading to the world famous Umeda Sky Building, where Okonomiyaki Kiji is found in its basement food court.

Named for its flagship dish, be sure to try the tasty dish of okonomiyaki, which is a pancake-like meal that is composed of minced meat and cabbage, which is seasoned with Worchestershire Sauce to give it its unmistakable flavor.

Those with a hankering for raw fish won’t be disappointed by a visit to Yoshino Sushi, which prepares its rolls in the Osakan style. The process involves pressing together the fish and rice in a mold rather rolling it in the traditional way.

If either restaurant above has failed to capture your imagination, simply head to the basement of any major department store, where an array of various dishes are prepared in a clean and professional fashion by countless chefs and cooks at stations that represent the cuisines of the world.

Party like a rockstar at these clubs

With your tummy topped off, it’s time to party! If you love girls, you could hardly do worse than heading to Rose Bar, where the entire staff is composed of girls. If you love taking in live music and want to interact with the band after the show, check out the Rock Rock Bar, which is a popular spot for local musicians to gather after their shows have concluded.

If you’ve had your fill of Japanese style bras and want to mingle with fellow expats and foreigners, the Blarney Stone is the defacto hangout for them in Umeda area of Osaka, as it offers a traditional Irish pub atmosphere together with live music on the weekends.

Late night noms

After the bar, you might be feeling a bit peckish, or you might simply want to help to stave off the hangover that you know is coming. A big steaming bowl of noodles at Kinryu Ramen will do the trick, as will a Quebec style poutine at Covent Garden. If you are out together with friends and want to end your night righteously, going splits on a Peking Duck at Chinese Cafe Eight is possible even at 5 AM, so if you are having a craving for Chinese, go all out!

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