From the pubs to the club: A perfect evening of nightlife in London

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There are many nations that lay claim to having the world’s best party culture, but none come close to the mayhem that is wrought by the young people that inhabit the capital of the United Kingdom. While London is known for being a center of global finance, culture and history, it is also home to a bevy of pubs, bars, and nightclubs that need to be experienced by any young traveler that professes to love the drink.

There are a variety of hotels and hostels in the center of London, giving a central launching point from which to begin your evening. With that in mind, here is just one itinerary of a perfect evening of nightlife in London, from the cosiest of pubs to the most electrifying nightclubs available in one of the most prominent cities on the face of the Earth.

6:30 pm: The Court, Central London

Start your evening at The Court in the heart of Central London, where the happy hour pints flow at prices as low as 2 pints for £5, and the wide slate of hearty pub favorites like fully-loaded nachos, burgers, ribs and more will line your stomach in preparation for the alcoholic onslaught that lies ahead. Rouse the feathers of some unaware office workers with a chant or two with your mates, and then head out into the streets in search of your next destination…

8:30 pm: Bar Kick, Shoreditch

At this point in the evening, you’ll be picking up the pace of your drinking, but you’ll also want to take part in some fun activities to enhance your evening out with your friends.

Bar Kick in Shoreditch offers plenty of diversions to keep everybody in your group entertained, from Foosball (there are eleven tables spread throughout the premises for your playing pleasure) to multiple screens carrying the latest football or rugby union match.

If you are still a touch hungry, there is plenty of burgers and sandwiches to silence the rumbling in the pit of your stomach before trundling on to the final destination of the evening…

10:30 pm: Moonlighting Nightclub, Soho

With precious little time until closing time, it’s time to grab some cheap pints and cut some dance moves on the sticky dance floor of Moonlighting Nightclub, which is a student spot that has developed quite the raunchy reputation over the years.

Offering £1 drinks on Wednesday nights has accomplished this quite effectively, as young lasses and lads from across the capital crowd in here on this night to groove together in a jam packed club in search of a special someone, or failing that, an epic evening of drunken revelry that will only be able to be pieced together through pictures and video gathered via your mate’s smartphones.

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