Hottest nightlife in Taipei

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Sometimes it seems that hunting for the hottest nightlife in Taipei is a near impossible task. If you have attempted this in the past and thrown in the towel, it may be worth your while to try again using the list below to guide your efforts…

1) Saints and Sinners

If you’re looking to get off to a good start during your evening out in Taipei, then dropping by Saints and Sinners will achieve this goal, as its sports bar motif is the ideal backdrop for eating, watching the game, and pre-drinking prior to the fun that is yet to come.

Given its status of being one of the few places in this Asian megalopolis to show European and North American sports, this place is the ideal spot to make expat friends if you have just arrived in town to teach English or to work for a corporate concern as their person in Taiwan.

2) Barcode

Looking for something a little more upscale? If this is what you are looking for in a nightspot, then you’ll love Barcode.

Located in the vicinity of Taipei 101, the iconic skyscraper that was once the world’s tallest structure, this swanky joint might charge an arm and a leg for their adult beverages, but for the privilege of hanging out with Taipei’s cool kids, it will be well worth the outlay of cash that you’ll have to make.

3) The Wall Live House

Looking for the best live music in the entire city? If you are craving the sound of actual musical instruments instead of DJ’s and having to contend with top 40 C and K pop hits being blasted at you, then heading out for a night at The Wall Live House.

Playing host to countless Asian rock acts, you’ll get a real sense of what the live music scene is in this part of the world. On occasion, touring bands from the western world also stop here, so its a great place to get a taste of home as well.

4) Club Myst

Want to let the club kid within you run wild and free? In Taipei, the best place to do this is at Club Myst. Not only is it popular with locals, but Taipei’s small expat community has embraced the place as well, so if you ever wanted to bust a move with Taiwan’s coolest cats, some Brazilians, and the Brit who’s obviously had too much to drink, welcome home, my son!

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