Nightlife in Vancouver, Canada

There’s no doubt that Vancouver is a great city to visit but you just haven’t seen it until it comes alive at night. The nightlife in the Pacific Northwest is about good drinks and great music. There are plenty of places to catch a live show, dance the night away on a packed floor, or throw back some beers while you meet the locals. Whatever it is that you like to do after dark, Vancouver has a great selection of nightlife locales for you.

The Roxy is surely the most popular club in the city and it gets packed on Friday and Saturday nights. If dancing to live bands and jostling for drinks with a casually dressed crowd in their mid-twenties and older is your scene, head over to Granville St any night of the week to catch the house band over a cocktail.

The Commodore Ballroom is more than a little bit famous; it’s a relatively small venue that caters to bigger name acts (Weezer, Moby, Tom Waits) that pass through town. Recently restored beyond its former glory, the ballroom features a stage and a huge dance floor and hosts a wide variety of events and shows throughout the year.

For a low-key locale to grab a few pints, try The Blarney Stone on Carrall Street. Get there before 9:00 if you have any hopes of sitting and even earlier if you want to grab dinner. It features a small dance floor and great live bands most nights of the week and plenty of drink specials to keep you dancing.

The Cambie Bar & Grill is great for a younger crowd looking for a big loud bar and cheap pitchers of beer. It’s popular among locals but plenty of folks passing through the nearby hostels pop in, too. You never know who you’ll meet at this mix and match hot spot where fun is dirt cheap.

The summertime sees an upswing in outdoor events and the Chinatown Night Market is one of the big ones. Weekend nights see two blocks of Pender Street shut down for kiosks and tables full of al sorts of wares.

Never underestimate an international city like Vancouver when it comes for things to do. This beautiful city by the water is out to surprise and please even the most seasoned travelers. You only live once so give some of these hot nightlife spots a try.

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