Best spots in the world to spend NYE 2015

photo by CC user Adam.J.W.C. on wikimedia commons

Plotting out your plans for NYE 2015, and want to go global this year? If this is your ambition, here are some of the best spots to do so while having the best time possible…

1) New York City

Sometimes, its best not to over think it: New York City has long been a NYE party classic, and for good reason. Being one of the most globally significant cities in the world, and having media attention focused on its NYE festivities for generations have played into its reputation as the prime place to go to ring in the New Year.

With hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, ticker tape falling everywhere, and the ball dropping at the stroke of Midnight, it is an experience that most party fiends have ambitions of attending at some point in their life. Tick that accomplishment off your list this year!

2) Las Vegas

For some, New York City is just a bit too buttoned up and proper – they require a place that has a bit of a looser and more liberal interpretation on how parties should progress. Las Vegas is where these folks find themselves on New Year’s Eve, as its devil may care attitude towards open alcohol in the streets, gaming and life in general appeal to them heavily.

While you might want to mill about from party to party at the casino resorts, make your way outside for 12 Midnight, as the choreographed fireworks display is one of the most over the top spectacles in all of America.

3) Sydney

Speaking of fireworks, the best display in the world is widely considered to be the one that is put on over Sydney Harbor in Australia.

It doesn’t hurt that you will be in the middle of the Southern summer should you choose to travel Down Under for NYE … who needs to party in a parka when you can do in board shorts or a bikini?

4) London

If you find yourself in Europe towards the end of 2015, spend the last night of the year ringing in the first day of 2016 by spending in the heart of London.

Stroll from pub to pub with the well-seasoned locals, and while you should do your best to keep up, don’t pound it back too hard – you’ll want to remember the assault of fireworks that will illuminate landmarks such as the London Eye.

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