Outstanding Bus Tours For Young Adults Around The Globe


For many young backpackers to-be, the thought of international travel is an alluring one, filled with visions of seeing marvelous sights, lounging on sexy white sand beaches, and rocking it out on legendary parties.

However, the thought of organizing the logistics of it all is a taxing one, which can be enough to forestall a person from taking the plunge from experiencing the freedom of life on the road. Some people want/need somebody else to do the yeoman’s work of organizing the traveling and sight picking, as the creativity, patience and quick-thinking of doing it all on your own scares the pants off them.

Thankfully, there are tour companies – which often have hop-on, hop-off buses to allow their customers to experience a place for as long as they see fit – which take care of this heavy lifting for their young clients, even providing some commentary and activity planning on the side.

Around the world, we have selected three outstanding operators that make life easier for would-be travelers: let’s learn about them now…

Moose Travel Network (Canada/U.S.A.)

Starting as a humble outfit offering guided tours and transportation through the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia, the Moose Travel Network has grown to offer tours in the U.S. Southwest and Eastern Canada as well!  Not content to merely provide transport, your guides will provide a running informed commentary of the regions that you travel through, as well as organizing activities that range from walks to the Grand Canyon to soaking in the hot springs of Banff National Park and even a wrap up party in Toronto after completing one of their bigger circuits (Ontario -> Quebec -> Atlantic Canada over 14 days).

Kiwi Experience (New Zealand)

Showing off their immensely gorgeous nation to eager foreign backpackers since 1989, the Kiwi Experience has covered their tiny island nation with many routes that allow for access to all the marquee attractions.  From Milford Sound in the south to the smelly but therapeutic hot springs of Rotorua, Kiwi Experience guides will get you there while charming you to death with their friendly character, and informing you on all the choice spots in places you visit. This tour is a very popular option among visitors to New Zealand, and the activities planned usually end in a rollicking good time, so be sure to check this tour service out.

Busabout (Europe)

Those looking to hit all the cultural hotspots in Europe, but are intimidated by the train and bus system should look up the friendly folk at Busabout for a helping hand on their Euro Trip. Despite the title, they offer more than just wheeled transportation to their destinations, as recent efforts have added a sailboat that goes up and down the Croatian coast, hitting all the heavenly islands found along the way. The itineraries of their tours often include nights out, which should make for some epic party stories the next morning (provided you remember it … empty those memory cards before heading out!)

Just because you’re scared about the technical decisions of travel does not mean you should have to go without it in your life.  These companies take the hard aspects of a journey out of your hands, so you can get to the fun parts of your trip without any worries!

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