Retired at 25: Places To Live The Dream As A Young Person


The real world these days is truly a scary place for young people. Many of us just finished well over a dozen years of diligent hard study, only to find that the abundant position that we were promised no longer exists.

Those of us fortunate enough to get one of those elusive entry level jobs may have also found that a job in the corporate world wasn’t the glamorized thing that it was made out to be on career day, especially after a 12 hour day spent putting together TPS reports in between playing the subordinate role of coffee jockey for your ungrateful superiors.

It’s enough to make you want to steal away in the black of night to a place where you don’t have to wear the load of the BS you put up every day. Fortunately, there are places to live the dreamĀ in the world where you can have a job you would actually enjoy, in addition to leaving you enough time to actually live your life afterward.

As hard as it is to believe, you can leave the dream now, effectively retiring from the rat race altogether. Let’s uncover some of these havens for young folks that shudder at the thought of a corporate job…

Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the fresh air, mindblowing views, and fun career options present in this mountain town make for a refreshing contrast from the concrete jungle of the big city.

Work with Parks Canada maintaining the infrastructure of Jasper National Park, conduct tours for eager visitors, or man the ski lifts in winter, gliding down at the end of your shift for free, as well as on your day off.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Of all the cities in America, few places combine a variety of cool jobs and relatively inexpensive housing quite like the city of Portland. With no shortage of coffee shops and craft breweries, anyone with a bit of perseverance can get a job as a bartender, server or barista here.

With weather that is much milder than many other spots in the country, outstanding cheap food options and nightlife, and tons of fellow peers, you may never leave this culturally eclectic city.

Southeast Asia (various locations)

Overseas, there are opportunities for enterprising young people looking for a home in the tropical paradise known as Southeast Asia. Underwater recreation companies require divemasters, backpacker bars need bartenders, and ESL schools need English speaking teachers from nations where it is spoken as a 1st language.

While the pay may be less than home, the cost of living is also much lower, and the time off more generous in Corporate America, allowing you to enjoy the best beaches in the world on your time off.

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