Prime Places To Teach ESL In The World


These days, the employment market across much of the West is stagnant or even shrinking in some areas.  This has led to a souring of entry level positions for young people coming out of university, which is particularly bad news as many of these poor kids have burgeoning debt loads with first payments due in mere months after walking off stage with their diploma.

Many of them had dreams of building skill sets to facilitate upward mobility in the field of their choice, while others were looking forward to getting in some travel experiences with savings from a year or two of working at their first job. On the surface, it may appear that these dreams have been dashed for a significant portion of the millennials, but there is a unique solution out there that provides a way to accomplish both goals.

By seeking out employment as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher overseas, one can make some serious money, while learning some highly transferrable skills that will only help them in any future endeavours in the years ahead.  But where are the best places around the world to do this?

All countries are different with respect to what they have to offer applicants, so we have picked three of the best options out there today, and have profiled them below.  Let’s learn about each of them, so you can make the best decision possible…!


1) South Korea

Out of all the foreign nations that offer ESL jobs to eager native English speakers, South Korea is the top choice of these people. When you look at what the government of South Korea guarantees eligible applicants, it is not hard to see why, as health benefits, one month severance pay, and paid round-trip flights are all part of the deal.

Wages are among the highest in the world adjusted for the cost of living at an average of $1,800 USD per month, with many teachers being able to save half their salary per month in this relatively cheap developed country.  Culturally, there are many modern and traditional attractions to explore on your time off, making this country a strong draw for many.


2) Thailand

While Thailand’s average wages ($900-$1,350 USD) don’t come close to South Korea, the lifestyle here more than makes up for difference in pay.  Thailand enjoys warm to hot weather year round, and has some of the best beaches in the world to explore on your days off.  The everyday food is cheap (and is often free for teachers in government schools), and other costs are the lowest on this list, making it very possible to save a respectable chunk of money each month … if you don’t spend it all partying, that is!


3) Czech Republic

Those thirsting for the culture of Europe, but looking to pay their way in the process should take a close look at the Czech Republic.  While the average salary is $1,000 USD a month, prices in Eastern Europe are mercifully lower than in the Western portions of the continent, as flatshares can be had for less than $300, a pint of beer runs less than $2 and a litre of milk cost less than $1.  After the incidentals of life are covered, enjoy the museums, galleries, and timeless architecture of one of the continent’s most classic cities.


For the globally inclined young person, opportunity lies beyond the west.  Take the plunge today and see the world, while learning invaluable skills and earning some badly needed moola in the process!

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