Pubs and Bars in Boston

Traveling can be a really great experience, but traveling alone can make you feel a little out of place unless you know where to go to have fun and enjoy your vacation. If you are in the Boston area you will be happy to know there are a ton of great pubs and bars for people that are traveling alone. Traveling alone will allow you to do only what you want to do and it will help you to reconnect with yourself on a whole new level. When you are traveling alone going to a pub or bar can really be a great experience to meet new people, have a little fun, and just let loose.

Before you go on your journey to Boston you should know that Boston is home to some of the oldest taverns in the United States of America. To find some of the best pubs and taverns in Boston you just need to ask a native to the area. Many will have their own opinions as to which pub is the best, but you will get a few names of places to go and you will get to meet some of the local people.

Hennessy’s of Boston is another great pub that has a great atmosphere. This authentic Irish pub has a lot of different beers on tap. This bar is located just a block from the other Irish pub mentioned above. The Pub is clean and the employees are great.

Another great pub to visit is actually a historical bar and restaurant. The Union Bar and Oyster House has claimed that they are the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the United States of America. This would be a great bar and restaurant to eat at as a solo traveler because you will be able to soak in the history and the great food the pub has to offer. Even if you would like a change in pub later in the evening you can find yourself another right down the street.

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