Rocking out to the best nightlife in the Balkans

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Actively seeking out the best nightlife in the Balkans before passing through on this summer’s upcoming backpacking adventure? Make sure your path makes a pit stop in at least one of these partying hotspots…

1) Hvar, Croatia

Known as one of most notorious party islands in the Adriatic, Hvar will show you and your group one of the best nights you will have during your time in the Balkans.

With beach parties, music festivals, and nightclubs that stay open until the break of dawn, your only concern will be for your budget, as Hvar can get to be on the pricey side in peak season.

Be sure to cut back on your accommodations to clear enough room for all the drinks you’ll be consuming and the cover charges you’ll be paying.

2) Budva Riviera, Montenegro

Moving down the coast, a party town on the Adriatic coast that has started to gain prominence over the past few years in Montenegro: its name is Budva, and when it is isn’t seducing you with its age old fortifications and architecture, its night time attractions will easily seal the deal.

With clubs that stay open all night, attractive locals and tourists from Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, and atmospheric surrounds that come with being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Budva will prove to be an eventful stop on your Balkan travels.

3) Tirana, Albania

Nightlife? In Albania? Despite being relieved of its totalitarian dictator more than twenty years ago, most still picture this nation as a place where staidness and Soviet-style deprivation still rule the day. Much has changed since those lean times though, as you will find out when you head out of your hostel to experience its capital after dark.

Tirana has much to offer, from warehouse-like dance clubs which fill up early (like 10:30pm, so start your night earlier than usual) to after hours establishments that will make you feel like you stumbled upon a well-kept secret that you’ll struggle to keep from your friends. Fortunately for you, we’re really bad at that, so here we are!

4) Varna, Bulgaria

If your travels have you heading over to the Black Sea side of the Balkan peninsula, be sure to spend several days and nights in the Bulgarian seaside resort of Varna. With an active beach culture, cheap food, cheap lodging and most importantly of all, cheap beer, it is the young party traveler’s paradise of which nobody outside Eastern Europe has heard.

Those looking to day drink at dance will love Dolphin’s, while those seeking to continue the groove well into the night should hit up Roxy, which spins classic 80’s and 90’s hit along with the hot singles of today, which makes for a fun evening for everyone involved.

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