San Francisco has a Vibrant Singles Scene

All the great cities in the world have a singles scene but there is something about the scene in San Francisco that makes it a destination city for singles like no other. This city is laid back, progressive and fun.

This is the place to go if you are single and traveling alone! You can partake in many of the specials that are geared toward the single traveler.

When you are traveling alone that is exactly what you need a place that is welcoming to singles that works toward making it a single travelers destination city. The single scene is ALIVE in San Francisco. There are so many places that cater to the single traveler that it is wonder if any couples show up!

Things to Do

San Francisco is a progressive forward thinking city that has amazing natural scenery that is complimented by the unusual roadways. You can spend days rummaging around the city simply taking in the sights.

A must see; the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. This engineering masterpiece is an amazing sight. Take a trolley ride down to fisherman’s wharf and spend the day walking around soaking up the culture. There are museums and galleries to enjoy.

The nightlife is never dull. There are clubs and events constantly happening. There are several singles clubs with like minded people that are looking to meet new friends and have a good time.  You will find amazing eateries and night clubs.

If you love the outdoors there is a singles club in SF that focuses solely on outdoor activities. You can attend one of the gatherings while you visit and enjoy all the natural beauty that SF has to offer.


San Francisco is one of those places that is just so welcoming. There are so many people that are like minded travelers that you feel instantly welcomed. There are local single clubs that welcome with open arms singles from other cities and countries.

These clubs offer a full menu of events to choose from. If you contact them pre trip you can easily fill up your itinerary with events meant for singles. It is wonderful to travel to a city that focuses on the single traveler and makes them feel so welcome.

If you want to experience a vibrant singles scene that is chock full of activities geared toward the parties on one than SF is the place to go!

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