Singles Guide to Clubbing in L.A.

There’s nothing like the night life in Los Angeles—dozens of clubs, pumping music, fun and interesting people—and if you’re single, the clubbing world is your oyster . . . if you know how to navigate it successfully. Clubbing in L.A. can be an experience like never before, but there are also some tips and tricks that you should know about, whether you’re just having a night out with a group of friends or on your own in search of that special someone who likes to have just as much fun as you do.

Before you leave for the clubs, you should do a little research and hit the ones that most suited to your own personal tastes. Sure, club hopping can be a lot of fun, but in L.A., once the sun goes down, it can be hard to get into every club that you want to check out, so having some kind of plan beforehand does help. Make sure the clubs you want to hit don’t have any kind of exclusive guest list, and if they do, take a look at their website to see if there’s any way to get on it.

After all, how are you going to meet people if you’re stuck outside the velvet ropes all night? Also, if the clubs you want to go to do sell advance tickets, it’s worth it to get them ahead of time. Even if you’re someone who enjoys the spontaneity of taking off into the night without a destination in mind, having these tickets on hand just in case is a good idea.

As a single person, you want to have fun out there, but it’s important that you also play it safe. Steer clear of seedy areas in the city and always make sure you park in well-lit areas. While it’s obvious that you’re going to be meeting a lot of strangers, keep your eyes and ears open for potential dangers—there are predators out there. Keep your wallet or purse close by, and never accept a drink from anyone that you haven’t seen the bartender prepare. While most clubbing experiences can be a blast, you want to make sure that you’re looking out for yourself as well.

Singles clubbing in L.A. is a whirlwind of dancing, drinks, and excitement, and if you’re prepared to hit the scene, then chances are you’ll have an evening out that you won’t soon forget.

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