Four Killer Ways To Spend A Weekend In San Francisco


While most places in North America have their best weather days behind them, the San Francisco Bay Area has its sunniest, clearest weather during September and October. If you have some vacation time left to use, or if you have a weekend at college that isn’t filled with a party or studying for midterms, why not take a shot down to the City by the Bay for a couple of nights?

Having long been a haven for those seeking alternative lifestyles, outdoors enthusiasts, and these days, tech wizards making some serious bank, there are plenty of highlights to take in and enjoy here. So if you’d like to spend a weekend in San Francisco, these four activities will help you get the most out of your time here.

1) Go for a hike in the Muir Woods

If you have a lot of energy to burn, and admire the best nature that any destination has to offer, heading first to the Muir Woods will get your trip off to a righteous start. With Mount Tam serving as a centerpiece, this climb will take you more than 2,000 feet above the Bay Area, and with tons of monstrous redwoods, this will be the break from the rigors of your academics that you have been seeking.

2) Tap into the energy of Fisherman’s Wharf

Yes, it’s a bit of a tourist trap. But there is something undeniable about the energy that surrounds the Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a popular attraction on the waterfront in the heart of San Fran. Pier 39 has more than a hundred stores with a variety of cool things to buy, while there is a sea lion colony in the west marina that was established by these gentle beasts after the 1989 earthquake prompted them to move.

3) Stuff yourself silly in Chinatown

While many specialty and high class restaurants may put many fabulous meals out of the reach of your budget, many excellent dining options in Chinatown still are very affordable even today. BBQ, Dim Sum, and many other Chinese specialties can be had for less than $10 a plate, saving bundles of money for what you and your friends do best…

4) Once the sun sets … take San Fran by storm

… and that is partying like rockstars! While the nightlife here is not cheap, the memories that you’ll create will be priceless, as the multiple scenes will appeal to any interest you might have. Indulge in the cheap but interesting hipster bars by jumping from one establishment to the next in Polk Gulch, while club kids should make tracks for SoMa. Like the same sex? The legendary Castro District will fulfill any nightlife desire in this genre that you might have.

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