Enjoying Sydney’s hottest nightlife

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Seeking out Sydney’s hottest nightlife on your next trip to Australia? The price of a night out in this nation’s largest city is not cheap, so it’s essential that you get the best value for every Aussie dollar that you spend. Below, we profile five watering holes that have caught our fancy with regards to the experience that they create for their patrons.

1) Chinese Laundry

Known widely as one of the best spots in Sydney’s clubbing scene, Chinese Laundry has long attracted a long line of internationally respected musical artists and DJ’s to perform for Australia’s young and fabulous partiers.

While its interior is impressive enough, the biggest draw for the sweaty fun-loving masses is its open air outdoor dance floor, which often hosts afternoon shows in addition to the usual after dark affairs.

2) World Bar

Looking for some action out on the town mid week? If so, there are few better places in the Sydney area than World Bar, which is famous for its offerings apart from the usual weekend offerings. Wednesday is a great night in particular at World, as a drum and bass program that is known as The Wall draws in the students with its hypnotic beats and excellent price specials.

3) The Spice Cellar

Is it 2 am on a Saturday, and you’re not quite ready to call it a night? The Spice Cellar is a popular late night venue for locals seeking to stay out until the break of dawn (or later), as it hosts underground DJ’s that will open your ears to music that you will be raving about to your unaware friends for the rest of the upcoming week.

This space is a bit on the small side, so it can get quite hot as a result, so be sure you are wearing something that breathes before heading out for a late night here.

4) Tokyo Sing Song

Those that seek weird, out there attractions when they head out for a night out on the town will be suitably impressed by what Tokyo Sing Song has to offer, as it is programmed by a new curator every month. Experimental art, secret disco shows, and theme dress up parties are just a few of the offerings here that will ensure that each night out at this bar will not be the same as the last.

5) The Island

Sydney Harbor is one of the most beautiful places of its kind in the world, but it truly earns its Aussie stripes by the presence of The Island, a floating bar in the midst of it all. Reachable by either your own boat or by water taxi, this establishment mixes open water views with wood fired pizzas and the aural creations of respected DJ’s to create an ambiance that is unmatched anywhere else in the city.

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