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An exhilarating night out in Berlin

Gearing up to head to Germany later this summer? You might have planned it this way all along, or maybe you tried to book your Oktoberfest trip to Munich far too late … in any event, Berlin is an amazing city with more attractions than you can reasonably see in one trip. This city’s nightlife, […]

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A Few Snacks One Should Definitely Try in Europe, And Only in Europe

National cuisine is one of those things a traveler should learn about before planning a trip. In this case, the question is not referred to the prices, but to the way food is prepared, commonplace dishes, dominant products, etc., as adjustment to local culinary traditions might became a serious obstacle. Certainly, restaurants serving international cuisine […]

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Top European Road Trips

Nothing beats a good road trip – picking up a hire car and heading off along a planned route with friends or your partner and finding unexpected gems along the way. Europe has some absolutely classic road trip destinations so you do not have to travel to the ends of the earth to find that […]

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